The Bitcoin and Litecoin craze is slowing down. Currently is a great time to take it a look at alternate virtual currencies such as Megacoin, Opensourcecoin or similar coins. In this guide, I will take a look at exactly how you deserve to mine Megacoin without a pool.

First points First

The point with the coins out there is the you require to host them lengthy enough. Try not to lose interest too early on like so many before. Sure, all coins the end there are a gamble, that’s why it’s great to have actually convictions, but you additionally need to it is in smart around timing. Let’s do a rapid recap:

The key coins adopted by countless businesses: Bitcoin: rose from $50 in summer 2013 to end $1000 in November 2013 Litecoin: climbed from $4 in summer 2013 to end $40 in November 2013 The alt coins:NMC, PPC and comparable coins likewise quadrupled! However, no businesses use those coins and also they have no actual value other than dangerous value, i m sorry is fine for now, yet in the lengthy run castle may obtain dumped or will certainly be replaced, that’s why many miners cash out every mainly to protect against the high volatility, this relies on her strategy (longterm vs short-term)

China, China, China ..

As of this week, things are slowing down. China is the main driver (no, it’s not the united state who’s pushing prices that high. After careful observing the price for part time, it’s very obvious that China is dictating prices – that would’ve thought? inspect out Mt.Gox and also OkCoin frequently for your own observations)Alright, currently it’s very obvious there is demand out there, but there’s likewise some fence now. People are start to cash out. We observed LTC drop from a $50 high come $26 in a matter of hrs only to go earlier to $40. This have the right to happen any type of time with any kind of coin. Sure, over the long run friend may benefit (especially gift invested in BTC and also LTC), however you may want to take into consideration realizing some profits after a 400% acquire (stock investors would be happy through 50%!). It’s actual money after ~ all, girlfriend will just regret the loss as soon as it’s gone. It is in as cynical as possible at all times, the will help you to prevent optimism and euphoria which will certainly lead to big losses. Yes, in the lengthy run we all view prices walk up, yet there will certainly be peaks and also lows, don’t purchase high and also sell low.

Let’s gain Ready come Rumble: 7970 / USB Mining

To execute some severe damage, you require a an excellent video map – you can get 2 cheap 7970 because that starters or if you desire to go hardcore carry out some research on ASICs. There are additionally a bunch that cool USB miner because that very tiny money. Obtain some on eBay, you can obtain some really remarkable hash prices for VERY tiny money (like 40 bucks! very great profitability) yet the crucial is come experiment with different setups and do a lot of research on profit first. Also ask your neighborhood geeks for advice if you’re not certain what devices is good. I will not share more advice top top this matter to prevent giving negative advice. Also, if friend can discover a ar at work or institution to get totally free electricity or if you have the right to deduct your electrical energy from her taxes (consider starting a company) you may want to execute that too.

Pre-Reqisites: Megacoin, Minerd

1. Step Download Megacoin 2. Step Download Minerd / CPUMinerInstall both. Perform NOT install on a SSD and make backups to prevent nasty surprises – shit happens, I’ve to be there, the can gain ugly really quickly.


1. Step open the home windows explorer2. Step go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Megacoin3. Step Right-click => new Text File4. Step get in megacoin.conf and also ht Enter5. Step Copy and also paste this, change username123 through a name OF YOUR selection and a arbitrarily password. Yes, enter anything you choose here, Megacoin will usage those setup to start your local Megacoin mining server

404 Error

If you view a 404 error, it’s really likely girlfriend forgot to restart Megacoin after conserving the megacoin.conf OR you gotten in invalid username:password data – verify that you use the exactly data twice

Let’s Talk

Found my guide inspiring and also want to do some networking? Let’s connect. You deserve to ask me questions any time, simply don’t expect immediate answers, please permit 72 hours and an ext for a proper answerPro-Tip: Megacoin has a integrated miner. Because that some reason if you begin minerd and also the Megacoin miner you can get higher hash prices than utilizing a single mining tool. This obviously relies on your configuration, carry out some research study on tweaking minerd and also you may get higher rates Pro-Tip 2: If girlfriend don’t desire to invest into ASIC’s (very expensive, high risk) you might want to take into consideration simply buying some coins indigenous a trading platform such together cryptsy and be done through it. However, the profitability on mining some alt coins if frigging exceptional right now.

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Surprisingly, there’s still time to do money through this. Things are gaining more an overwhelming every day, however there are golden opportunities – we absolutely live in interesting times – at least for geeks, the is! great to it is in a geek, an ext power to you!