Anybody know how to get to the lost river without running into a reaper I've seen where it is in creative but don't have the guts to go there in my cyclops in survival and tips on how to avoid/kill a reaper will be appreciated thanks!


Go directly west from the centre of the map, across the Grassy Plateaus then down the ramp(s) out onto the Dunes, carry on and you'll find the Blood Kelp Trench. Dive straight down that and bingo! Lost River.This entrance also has the benefit of bypassing the Ghost Leviathan that lives down there.

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This is my favorite way to go and I am not sure why it isn't recommended more often. There isn't anything dangerous in the trench itself to your vehicles, the entrance to the river is obvious, especially with sonar, it's the only route with zero ghost leviathans, and fits the cyclops easily.

The only downside is probably the crabsquids near the entrance but in all of my playthroughs they disappear after about 3-5 times passing through the entrance. Maybe they don't like traffic and move somewhere else... idk but they disappear 100% of the time for me. So there is zero downside to this route IMO.

The north entrance has a ghost directly in your path, the east entrance by the aurora has a ghost covering the lava zone entrance directly in the path, the grand reef entrance has a ghost directly in the path. This seems to be the only entrance with no hostiles.

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There's a tunnel entrance in the SW Blood Kelp zone that is relatively safe.

Silent running is your friend around Leviathans. As long as they can't hear you, you're ok.

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Couple of ways:

Southwest, in the grand reef (the area with the glowing blue orbs that are lashed to the ground by vines), there's a deep cave system. That will take you to the LR without running into anything big, although the crabsquids will bug you on your way down and there is a juvenile ghost leviathan once you're further in the LR itself.

Second, in the northeast "Bulb Zone" with the glowing purple bushes and the electrified fish, near the border to the mountains zone there's a huge tunnel that goes down into the LR. Again, you'll have to get past a juvenile ghost to get much further.

As for avoiding reapers (killing them is more hassle than it's worth as far as I know), there are a couple of ways. Ahead Slow + Silent Running means they practically have to run into you before they notice you're there. Just make sure to disable silent running afterwards, as it drains power even with the engine off.

If one does notice you, just focus on getting away from its usual location. You may take a few hits, but the cyclops is tough. It can take multiple leviathan attacks without serious damage. Once you've put some distance, just turn the engine off. The leviathan won't attack with the engine off, and they'll generally get bored and go back to where they were. Then just turn the engine back on and continue as usual. Once you've gotten some distance, pop out and repair any damage.

The second way, which is riskier but quicker, is to hit flank speed (be careful not to overheat the engine) as you pass, which will piss the leviathan off, and from there just repeat the above contingency for if you get spotted. You're basically just trying to get far enough away that once you turn the engine off, the leviathan will move out of range.

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The biggest thing to remember is that, no matter what, you can always just turn the engine off and it'll leave you alone.