Madden NFL 22 has actually just to be released on the game stations 4, playstations 5, Xbox collection X/S and the PC. Perhaps the most fun component about a game is acquiring a 100% collection rate on it. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of all the Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum trophies in the game.

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With the Madden NFL 22 Beta right now available, you have the right to start grind for trophies and accomplishments right currently as progress will remain saved. We deserve to expect more trophies come be added to the video game with more updates and expansions together well.

Madden NFL 22 Trophies List

Usually, trophies for any game have actually the exact same Gamerscore for both the Xbox One and collection X / S. Surprisingly, that’s no the situation time. In any kind of case, here’s the finish list that trophies for Madden NFL 22 with Gamerscores for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and collection X / S.

Bronze Trophies

NameDescriptionXbox One Gamerscore Xbox collection X|S Gamerscore
Already in ProgressCreate a league from a Play currently Live game.50G40G
Change of SceneryRelocate a team.50G40G
Roster ReshuffleComplete a fantasy draft. 50G 40G
Stud Finder Draft a rookie v a surprise Dev Trait.50G75G
Under ControlUser performs brand-new Control Juke and also Spin top top a scoring playN/A20G

Silver Trophies

NameDescriptionXbox One Gamerscore Xbox collection X|S Gamerscore
Lockdown CornerWin 3 presses in a single game through the same CB.50G40G
Head-to-HeadWin a Head come Head video game in an online league.N/A75G
Momentum StealerUser has achieved the greatest momentum swing possible N/A 75G
Saw that ComingUser supplies a propensity Counter top top a pat that outcomes in a turnoverN/A75G
Throwin’ DotsThrow a pass TD using the low litter mechanic.50G40G

Gold Trophies

NameDescriptionXbox One Gamerscore Xbox collection X|S Gamerscore
PrimetimeGain over 50 complete yards while making use of Celebration Loco end the course of a single game.50G40G
UnblockableOn 3 plays create a bag or tackle because that loss after a pass rush relocate win, utilizing a different rush move50G40G
Pro BowlerParticipate in the agree Bowl during a Franchise season.50G40G
Bragging RightsWin the Super key in an virtual league.100G75G
Future that the FranchiseReveal a rookie’s X-Factor potential.75G75G
Big SpenderWin a free-agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player.50G40G
DealmakerRe-sign a 90+ OVR player.50G75G
MVPWin MVP with one of your players.

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ROTYWin Rookie the the Year with among your players.125G125G

Platinium Trophies

NameDescriptionXbox One Gamerscore Xbox collection X|S Gamerscore
Madden NFL 22 MasterCongratulations ~ above earning every Madden NFL 22 trophy!N/AN/A

We’ll be adding an ext Madden NFL 22 trophies to this perform as quickly as they are added to the game. If you uncover an achievement particularly hard, let us know in the comments under below and also we’ll guide you!


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