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Lil Dicky
David Andrew Burd
33 year old
15 in march 1988
He is Alive and Kicking, no Dead.

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Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, joined States
Cheltenham High School, college of Richmond
In centimeters- 180 cmIn meters- 1.8 mIn Feet Inches- 5′ 11″
In Kilograms – 72 kgIn lbs – 160 lbs
Release the the viral music video clip of his track “Ex-Boyfriend”,
American rapper, comedian, and also environmentalist
$14 Million
13th October 2021

David Andrew Burd might not be a acquainted name come many, but with discussing of “Lil Dicky” or “LD” climate the name can ring a bell. The is an American based comedian and a rapper that is living the American dream by make a career on YouTube.

Dicky is a living proof that as soon as you harness her talents and put in a small effort, you might go a lengthy way. When his “Ex-Boyfriend,” music video clip went famous on YouTube that kick-started his career as an artist, and also today he has actually released 1 studio album, 1 mixtape, 1 EP, and also several singles. Let’s take it a look in ~ Lil Dicky biography, network worth, his career, personal life and also even a couple of things you most likely don’t know around Lil Dicky.

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Is Lil Dicky Married? Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

Bio-Wiki, genuine Name

David Andrew Burd hails indigenous Philadelphia where he to be born ~ above 15 in march 1988 and grew increase in an upper-middle-class Jewish family. After ~ graduation, he secured a task with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners working as their accountant and an ads copywriter.

Education: School, College, University

He attended Cheltenham High School before joining the university of Richmond.

His Age, Height, Weight

As the 13th October 2021, Lil Dicky is 33 years old and also he is alive and kicking, no dead. The is 5’11” tall and has a body load of 72 kg. Top top his twitter he claimed his height and also weight were: “5’11”, 158 pounds”. His body type is Average.

Is Lil Dicky Married? Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

If you have listened to this certain song “Molly,” you could understand that all about a girl but what you yes, really don’t know is the the girl in the video clip is his ex-girlfriend. Today, there is nothing lot that can be said around his date life because no one knows that his girlfriend is and also who is not. Simply nothing official around the matter.

The rapper’s couple of music videos generated rumors speculating the he is gay. However, this is simply a misconception of the Lil Dicki’s sexuality, there are no solid pieces of evidence proving that to it is in Gay.

What is Lil Dicky marital status? Is that married/divorced/single or in relationship?Does the have any relationship affair?Who is he dating in 2021? surname of Girlfriend:Who is his existing wife in 2021? (Name)Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)‎? (Name)Does the have any children?Is Lil Dicky Gay?

Relationship Statistics

In Relationship
Yes(Name N/A)
Name N/A

Professional Career

Dicky started his music career to acquire attention comedically, but along the way, he fell in love v music. His debut mixtape titled So tough which he started working on that in 2011 however released it in 2013 worked on that while still being an employee of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. All the songs were tape-recorded on his MacBook Pro v a $400 microphone, and on 2013 he started releasing one track every week.

One of his song “Ex-Boyfriend” went famous on YouTube obtaining 1 million see in just 24hrs. ~ releasing 32 songs and 15 music videos, Lil Dicky went on come Kickstarter appealing to world to assist him raise around $70,000 because that creating and also producing more music, and after running the campaign for 2 months, he had received approximately $113,000.

On July 31, 2015, Lil Dicky exit his debut studio album titled skilled Rapper, and it debuted to place 7 ~ above the us Billboard 200, place 1 on us Independent Albums, place 1 on US peak Rap Albums and also position 1 on US peak Comedy Albums. Come date, the album has already received gold certification by RIAA having sold end 500,000 units.

He has likewise released an EP titled I’m brain and several singles such as “Lemme Freak,” “Save documents Money,” “Professional Rapper” and also “Freaky Friday.”

Awards & Achievements

On awards & success awarded to Lil Dicky, it seems we don’t have any kind of awards yet however let’s offer credit whereby it deserves as one of his songs “Freaky Friday” has currently received over 100 million views.

Lil Dicky net Worth, value & income in 2021

Lil Dicky net Worth, picture Source: Instagram/Lil Dicky (

As the October 2021, Lil Dicky network worth is approximated to be around $14 million. Lil Dicky network worth fortune has actually been amassed with the sale of his music, YouTube views, and tours. His debut studio album professional Rapper has currently been certified gold by RIAA having sold end 500,000 units.

On his YouTube Channel, he has over 4 million subscribers and all his videos have actually received end 600 million views. “Freaky Friday” has actually received end 250 million views, “professional Rapper” over 92 million views and $ave documents Money” got over 92 million views.

6 facts you need to know around Lil Dicky

With the look of things, Lil Dicky might just revolutionize the rap game considering this days each track he release is turning to be a super hit. However enough through his success and also lets now uncover a couple of things you most likely don’t know around Lil Dicky.

1. Everyone has a reason as to why the or she is law something and also the factor why Lil Dicky decided to shot rapping is that he can get the fist he necessary to for sure a gig in composing TV shows and also films and even it is in an actor.

2. That is 180 cm that’s 5ft 11inch tall.

3. The spent all of his fortunes ~ above his first wave that music, a thing which resulted in him being broke and he had actually to appeal because that funds ~ above Kickstarter.

4. This can be a surprise to many but Lil Dicky dint start rapping in 2011 however when he was 14 after opening up for R&B group 112.

5. In his debut mixtape has actually a variety of top artists who made appearances such together Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, T-Pain, rich Homie Quann among others.

6. His very an initial video top top YouTube hit end 1 million see in simply under 24 hrs.

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Lil Dicky worth is miscellaneous to store watch on due to the fact that the rapper is gaining some solid ground among the world’s best rappers to watch. Looking in ~ his commercial success and also his graph rankings that will definitely make it to the throne someday.