Chris Tamburello

Chris Tamburello Biography

Chris Tamburello is an Amerihave the right to Television personality best known for being a contestant on the 13th seachild of The Real World in 2013. Since then, he has competed in many difficulties of which some favor The Inferno, The Gauntlet, and Battle of the Exes he controlled to the finals.

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Tamburello is additionally well-known to have actually won the Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions. Adding to his victory, Chris is likewise a winner of Champs vs Stars (2017), Champs vs. Stars (2018), and War of the Worlds 2. Moreover is likewise a finalist on The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes, and also XXX: Dirty 30.

Similarly, he contended on The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Duel II, Rivals, Free Agents, Champs vs Pros, Battle of the Exes II, War of the Worlds, Final Reckoning, and Total Madness.

CT attended the College of Massachusetts at Amherst later on graduating through a degree in organization administration. As a student, Chris operated as a bartender a place he hosted also after his graduation.

CT Tamburello On The Challenge | Total Madness

Chris is a contestant on the Challenge: Total Madness which is the 35th seachild of the MTV reality competition series; The Challenge.

CT in Battles of the Exes

In Battle of the Exes, Tamburello got $50,000 for completing the “Viking Quest” Final Challenge in second area. He likewise obtained an additional $2,500 as the winner of the “Race to the Altar” and “Feel the Burn” challenges, bringing his full earnings to $52,500.

Tamburello in Rivals II

On Rivals II, Chris won the challenge, receiving $62,500 for winning the “Nightmare Island” Final Challenge. In enhancement, he obtained an additional $500 for winning the “Swingers” obstacle.

CT in the Invasion of the Champions

On this one, Chris got into the game prior to the “Knockout” difficulty as component of the season’s twist. He ultimately won the difficulty receiving $100,000 and also a second $12,500 from the Champions’ team financial institution account.

Champs vs. Pros

In this obstacle, Chris raised$5,000 for the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine. This was after he ended up being the winning team captain of the “Over the Line” difficulty.

Chris Tamburello Age

How old is Chris Tamburello? Chris is 41 years old as of July 2021. She was born Christopher Michael Tamburello on July 16, 1980, in Brooklyn, New York, the USA of America. In addition, Tamburello celebprices his birthday on July 1sixth every year.

Chris Tamburello Wife

Who is CT Tamburello’s wife? Chris is married to his wife Lilianet Solares since 2018. The duo has actually been blessed through a kid, CJ born in 2017.

Tamburello Height

Christ stands at a height of 183 cm tall or 6 feet

CT Tamburello Family

Chris was born to his parental fees Vincent Tamburello and also Ramona Tamburello. He has actually one sister; Vanessa Tamburello, and 2 brothers; Vinny Tamburello and Jachild Tamburello.

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Chris Tamburello Net Worth

Tamburello has an approximated net worth of $800,000. This has actually been attributed to his effective career as a fact television personality.