Kobe Bryant had successfully constructed a call for his competitiveness and also skills. While he didn’t always win, he prospered by a considerable rate. Via the post of Scott Fujita, let’s take it a look earlier at his career and also find the answer come “How countless Rings walk Kobe Have?”

How plenty of Rings walk Kobe Have?

Kobe Bryant winner 5 rings!

In other words, Kobe Bryant won 5 championships:

1999 – 2000 Los Angeles Lakers2000 – 2001 Los Angeles Lakers2001-2002 Los Angeles Lakers2008 – 2009 Los Angeles Lakers2009 -2010 Los Angeles Lakers


Many world think that Kobe Bryant can’t win championships there is no Shaq

2. In 2000 and also 2001: Los Angeles Lakers beat Philadelphia 76ers 4-1

The Lakers went v the consistent season and also the playoffs in 2001 v a not-so-bad record. Specifically, lock only shed one playoff game. Kobe Bryant received the second straight second-team All-NBA award and also became a worldwide young talent. Both Shaq O’Neal and also the Lakers Kobe space averaging 28 points every game

In fact, the Lakers’ goal of one more ring is completely possible. The proof is that they only lost once at video game 1 the the NBA Finals.

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The Lakers didn’t have much problem winning the title. However, Shaq O’Neal and also the Lakers Kobe to be at odds v each other throughout the season. This has actually adversely influenced both of your careers later on.

3. In 2001 and also 2002: Los Angeles Lakers defeated the brand-new Jersey Nets 4-0

The Lakers were ago in the Finals against the Orlando Magic ~ a near-miss in 2008. After Shaq moved to Miami in 2004, the Los Angeles Lakers obtained a brand-new look.

In one uninspiring Finals, the Lakers win the Orlando Magic in 5 games v ease. Kobe Bryant has actually a great track record. Specifics he averaged 32 points, 5 rebounds, and also 7 assists ~ above his way to winning the MVP the the Finals.

4. In 2009 and 2010: Los Angeles Lakers to win the Boston Celtics 4-3

By this time, Kobe had entered his 14th season in the league. Many civilization think he might be previous his prime.

They have actually a rematch versus the Celtics. The Los Angeles Lakers went down 3-2, returning to LA in a must-win. Kobe score 26 points, climate picked up 11 rebounds in a video game 6 to pressure Game 7. Kobe was also superb in video game 7, he scored 23 points, 15 rebounds, and also a match-deciding help to Ron Artest.

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Final Words

After looking back at Kobe’s career, he can have won titles without Shaq. How plenty of rings walk Kobe have? In fact, Kobe has actually won title at every stage of his career. He will certainly live forever in the understanding of fans and NBA history.