West coast Customs is among the most well known custom shops in the world, but they"ve done part shady stuff over the years.

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Here's What Ryan Friedlinghaus native West shore Customs Is up to Now Via OCRegister
West coastline Customs, otherwise known as WCC, is a auto repair shop situated in Burbank, California. The shop mainly focuses on the customization the vehicles, a practice that consists of modifying and also altering a automobile in order to enhance its performance or to do it look that small bit better.

Updated September 2021: If you're a fan of Ryan Friedlinghaus and his crew end at West coastline Customs, you'll it is in pleased to know that we've updated this article and also included more external and also internal resources to support the claims.

The company was originally established in 1994 by enthusiasm Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson. Friedlinghaus recently claimed that the had begun the company after receiving a $5,000 loan native his grandfather. End the years, West coastline Customs has actually attracted a variety of celebrities, with high-profile Hollywood A-Listers going to the firm in order to acquire their cars revamped or restored.

as result of the high quantity of publicity, West shore Customs began showing up in several truth TV shows, such together Pimp my Ride and Street Customs. In 2011, Friedlinghaus chose to produce his own show dedicated to his agency and his own employees. The show was called Inside West coast Customs and also focused top top extraordinary vehicle restorations. The show was a hit and also is still to run to this day.

However, back West shore Customs could be successful, castle still regularly come up short when it involves a number of things. Yes, regardless of the high profile and the attraction that big-name celebrities and also the endless quantities of money, West shore Customs has built some an excellent cars and also some horrible ones, prove they still do mistakes choose the remainder of us. Right here are 20 time West coastline Customs to let go the mark.


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In 2014, West shore Customs to be accused of no paying your employees, an accusation the later ended up in court. That's right, the firm were reported to have actually not payment their workers for big amounts the overtime, with federal investigators drafted in to clear points up.

it was later on revealed that West coast Customs had instead to be paying your employees ~ above a collection salary when they should have been payment hourly with regards to overtime. Recorded red-handed, Ryan Friedlinghaus finally agreed to clear up for over $150,000 in earlier pay which was owed to low-level workers.

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The males at West shore Customs are renowned for safety and security issues, v the cars frequently highlighted together a reason for concern. However, it to be their job-related on internet celebrity Trish Paytas's Mercedes Benz G550 that generated the most excitement—in a bad way, that is. The car, otherwise known as the G-Wagen, was handed to West coastline Customs ~ Paytas wanted a little much more pizzaz.

That's right, Paytas had actually originally asked the team to paint the automobile pink, placed Swarovski crystals in the headrests, the steering wheel, and also the floormats, and also make the that little bit better. However, once the auto was finished, the electronics no much longer worked, there were no crystals in sight, and also the auto was usually not road worthy.

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no only have actually West coastline Customs been accused of forget (or neglecting) to pay your employees, castle have additionally been accused of treating their employees badly too. That's right, Ryan Friedlinghaus has actually been likened come a dictator by a variety of ex-employees and one ex-worker, in particular, claimed that he was severely overworked.

Mauricio Hernandez asserted that he worked a strenuous regular transition of 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week, without services or any social security. Employees were additionally encouraged to stay late and, in some cases, overnight, every while receiving no pay for their tough work.

17 Chevy "Camo" Camaro

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The 2011 Chevy Camaro to be gifted to West coastline Customs by general Motors through the intentionally of help a cause specialized to the mental support of armed forces veterans, for this reason the camouflage repaint job. However, things didn't quite go come plan, with the finished version resembling the of a cheap knock-off.

The paint job was the worst part, with viewers likening the the work of a five-year-old quite than the of a bunch the professionals. However, back it can have looked like an eyesore, the vehicle still controlled to carry out well in ~ auction and raised a total of $366,000 for charity.

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West coast Customs is known for gift a tiny outrageous in ~ times, however the Magnum Opus foolish Max replica is most absolutely a action too far. That's right, the team chose to usage a Ford Maverick and a Ford Ranger to construct a Max Mad-themed vehicle. The idea was good but the eventual product was a disaster.

Not only did the automobile look incredibly cheap, however it was also extremely oversized and boxy. Furthermore, the automobile was loaded v odd-looking pipes and also shiny objects the distracted onlookers rather than impressing them. Most fans the the films and also its cars assumed of the car a failure in the utmost.

15 Paris Hilton Pink Bentley

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West coastline Customs certain love a celebrity job, no issue the celebrity. That's right, Ryan Friedlinghaus and company decided to go all out with regards to Paris Hilton's old Bentley continental GT Coupe and turned the amazing automobile into something that was not that quite amazing.

The result ended in among the worst crimes versus a vehicle ever, with the Bentley spanned head to toe in pink. Yes, even the steering wheel was pink. Hilton later stated, "I love pink so ns met up through Ryan and brought that this pink clock from the Disney store and also got him to do this precise color and we just designed it every together."

say what you want around Ryan Friedlinghaus, however he sure knows just how to job-related the media. That's right, Friedlinghaus has frequently been criticized with regards to questionable dealings and also generating publicity stunts in stimulate to tempt business.

for instance, Friedlinghaus was newly accused that staging a theft, v rapper Will.I.Am told come pretend the his DeLorean had been stolen, only for the guys at West coastline Customs come swoop in and also miraculously uncover it. Furthermore, Friedlinghaus is a large fan of having actually his snapshot taken, specifically if it's v a famous and well-liked celebrity.

13 black Panther Lexus

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The males at West shore Customs certain love to acquire creative. However, sometimes they just don't it seems ~ to traction it off, no matter just how much tough work goes right into a project. Recently, the agency was inquiry by Marvel Studios to architecture an car for one of their recent blockbusters, Black Panther. The team jumped at the chance and also chose a Lexus LC500 as the base because that the job.

The car, i beg your pardon is currently a beautiful machine, to be decked the end in Black Panther references anywhere its repaint job, with brand new cutting-edge modern technology and sparkly lamp to match. Sadly, the car never yes, really took off and also was forget within around a week.

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The pink Mini Cooper has gone down in background one of the worst things to come the end of West shore Customs and is hailed together a tacky nightmare. Interestingly, the car was customized for Ryan Friedlinghaus' wife, who wanted her auto to stand out.

That's right, the men at West coast Customs to be seemingly on one more planet when they took in the Mini Cooper and somehow make the Mini Cooper even an ext ridiculous than it currently was (no violation to Mini fans). The automobile ended increase with around 80,000 crystals stuck to the roof, in addition to a hefty pink paint job and also a glossy finish.

11 some of The work Is low Quality

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over there is no doubting the wonderful creativity of some of the employee at West shore Customs, through their creativeness definitely on display for every to see. However, occasionally the an imaginative juice doesn't rather spill over right into the top quality of the work, v the firm often accused the low-quality customizations and restorations.

over the years, a variety of cars have been went back to the show having been reputed as not roadway worthy or, in too much cases, unsafe. Because that instance, online video clip star Trisha Payta's Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen was changed for being basically undrivable ~ the West shore Customs team had butchered it beyond repair.

Ryan Friedlinghaus periodically takes ~ above a number of cars even when the shop obviously has no room, never mind the workforce, to take treatment of the vehicles. However, this difficulty has seemingly taken its toll fee on the occupational of the yes, really cars, v a number of vehicles said to have actually taken much longer than they actually showed on TV.

over the years, a number of cars have actually been finished off after the supposedly finished product aired top top the show. Interestingly, this is never ever showed on screen with viewers offered the impression that whatever has been done and also dusted throughout the show's weekly slot.

9 They miss A number of Deadlines

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The West coast Customs team are prone to taking on much more jobs that they have the right to actually deliver.The many famous situation was that of the Fireball bus for game firm Red 5 Studios, that clashed through the agency after a number of irritating incidents.

West shore Customs was contracted through Red 5 Studios as component of the marketing for the game. Friedlinghaus promised to build an enormous bus v an added game room the was then going come tour about the country. Although the present made it look like the bus had actually been perfect on the time, it actually wasn't, with the bus yielded later 보다 the actual game itself.

The guys at West shore Customs are well known for being incredibly slow, v cars regularly taken month and, in part cases, years to finish. For these guys, no job is also big, however, this principle seems to compromise them massively as a business. Over the years, there have been a number of complaints native clients v regards to late jobs and also slow labor.

In fact, one particular customer complained the the team repetitively pushed earlier deadlines without offering them a clean or direct reason. In addition, the team reviewed budget, likewise a surprisingly typical occurrence because that a agency that has completed such fame.

7 They deserve to Be Aggressive

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over the years, Ryan Friedlinghaus has been accused of being a bit of a crude oil person, through his sole emphasis being the of money and being seen with celebrities. In fact, Friedlinghaus has actually reportedly been accused of treating his employee badly for his very own gain, v suggestions that withholding payment and increasing working hours.

Furthermore, West shore Customs together a agency has additionally been accused of aggressive sales tactics, particularly when hunting for reconstruction jobs. And, if that wasn't negative enough, the team is also said to be incredibly unapologetic as soon as delivering on late deadlines and also shoddy car customizations.

you can't error the males at West coastline Customs for their imagination, also if the result doesn't sometimes pan out as it is supposed to. That's right, the team recently produced the "Ultimate Outdoorsman's Ride" which experienced a 2011 Jeep Wrangler kitted out through Zippo branding and the recent technology.

Yes, the jeep to be fitted with a 32-inch LCD TV and also West coastline Customs audio equipment, along with a number of other exciting and also cutting-edge features. Sadly, the whole thing didn't quite regulate to wow audiences as expected, v the all at once product coming off as low quality and also cheap. Maybe following time.

5 Firefall Bus

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native the outside, and also maybe from a substantial distance away, this bus doesn't look that bad. However, the Firefall is regularly reported to be one of the worst points to have ever come out of the West coastline Customs shop. That's right, the bus was originally intended to be used as a promotional tool yet after a series of setbacks that was considered a major failure. For this reason what was specifically wrong through it?

for starters, the monster expense an really fortune, with West shore Customs guilty of shedding money. Furthermore, the bus was delivered late, a seemingly typical occurrence because that Ryan Friedlinghauss and company.

West coastline Customs is just one of the most famous automobile customizing teams on the planet and they are well-known for their impressive work. However, return they could be world renowned, several of their work has actually been understood weak when contrasted to others.

That's right, the shop and also Ryan Friedlinghaus have actually been accused the focusing more on the fame and money fairly than the really work. Because that instance, end the years, Friedlinghaus has actually made a considerable effort to obtain the biggest and also most well known celebrities in the world, making use of them as a method to acquire notoriety in the automobile customization world.

3 AMC PaceDodge

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The AMC Pacer is hardly a favorite amongst car enthusiasts, and is notorious for being a bit of a handful, in ~ best. The auto has had actually its same share of issues over the years yet has now become somewhat that a cult classic, even if the is for the dorn reasons.

The team in ~ West shore Customs knew what they to be in for as soon as the AMC Pacer was carried in because that a restoration and they determined to go all out with regards come beefing the vehicle up. However, after ~ evicting a rat the was life in the vehicle (seriously), the team added a yellow shag carpet to the internal of the car and a number of other strange and also ridiculous additions. Yes, the car was a failure.

The evade Charger is very iconic and also beloved car, so once West shore Customs acquired their hands on one, viewers expected them to manage it through care. However, the team rather missed top top the mark and also decided to go all out v regards to tailoring the already unique vehicle.

because that instance, the body of the vehicle was to reduce by eight inches through the roof likewise chopped off by approximately three inches. To do matters worse, they also lengthened the car’s doors, which in turn made the whole thing fairly unattractive. By the end, the automobile was a shadow of its former self and also most absolutely one of the worst points to have actually come out of the garage.

1 They have actually Sold Out

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that is famous that Ryan Friedlinghaus began the agency with a $5,000 loan the he then turned into a million dissension business. However, Friedlinghaus' example is not quite as idealistic as one would hope. End the last couple of years, Freidlinghaus has been accused of offering out, with doubters claiming the he's only in it for the money and also not the quality of the company's work.

Freidlinghaus is now worth a whopping $20 million dollars, so it is easy to watch why human being might think this way. Whatever the case, there is no mistaking the wonderful job he has done with structure a recognizable company.