CLEVELAND, five — when the Cavaliers punched their ticket to the NBA Finals after a tough collection against Toronto, Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavs, wanted to make sure everyone in the organization knew the they played vital role in the accomplishment.

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Gilbert flew every employees the end to game One in Oakland to cheer the Cavs on versus the gold State Warriors. Unfortunately, the Cavs lost that very first game top top the road.

After the Cavs overcame a 3-1 deficit come beat the warrior in 7 games, Gilbert and his partners wanted to make certain all employees and also even those who were contracted by the Cavs were well-known with a championship ring.

Everyone from concessions, to Cleveland police officers, come the janitorial crew gained fitted because that a ring. The estimated expense — around $1 million.

Joe Ayala, a member the the Cavs defense force, got his ring top top Thursday in a quick ceremony through other full-time employees at Quicken loan Arena.

As component of the security team, Ayala was among the an initial in line to obtain his ring — yes, rings, plural. The Lake Erie monsters are component of the same group that owns the Cavs, and since the Monsters won the AHL Calder Cup critical season, all employees involved with the Monsters gained rings also.

Ayala explained the ceremony as "surreal," Dan Gilbert, David Griffin, decimal owners and the chairman were every up there together with the Larry O"Brien Championship Trophy.

Ayala added that the ceremony was cool and personal in despite the of the tight time constraints because of the home game scheduled the evening versus the Clippers. Both Dan Gilbert and also David Griffin thanked the by name, shook his hand, patted the on the ago and said "great job, Joe."

The rings room not the exact same as the rings the players received however they space without a doubt, seriously impressive. Made by Baron Championship Rings, both rings are striking, the monsters championship ring looks favor a premium class ring with photo of the Calder Cup and the Cavs championship is vast with a far-reaching heft to it (that is a genuine diamond in ~ the top of the O"Brien trophy on the ring"s face).

Joe said he didn"t establish this till he took the ring home, yet his name is incorporated into the architecture on the next of the Cavs ring.

Another fun fact around the Cavs ring is the on the side opposite the face of the ring, there is a collection of 7 jewels through the white jewels representing warriors wins and also red jewels representing Cavs wins. The best part are the consecutive three red jewels top top the end as a tribute come the Cavs overcoming the 3-1 deficit and beating the warrior in Oakland. Ayala dubbed it a "a fun dig at gold State."

White jewels represent gold State wins, red jewels stand for Cavs wins. Note the 3 red jewels in a heat at the end. | Photo: rick Uldricks

"This ring is pretty much a family members heirloom now," Ayala said. Including that it will certainly be with him until he"s "dead and gone."

Regarding wearing the ring, Joe was rapid to say that he would not be wearing it and also after this week, the ring will certainly be going come an "undisclosed location" such together a safety and security deposit box.

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When inquiry if he believed if he would obtain to add a 2nd championship ring come that safety and security deposit box, Ayala discussed it to be still beforehand in the season but if the Cavs perform make it to the Finals he really hopes it"s no against golden State, adding, "I"d prefer to walk to a different city."

In enhancement to being part of the Cavs protection team, Ayala is also an achieved artist, to inspect out his work, click the connect to visit the JOE AYALA GALLERY.

Joe lives in Lakewood, Ohio v his wife, Stephanie, that is one instructor at Fuzion Martial Arts and also their child Julian.