If she planning a pilgrimage to a urbanbreathnyc.com-speaking country, prices and also budgets space no doubt a central part of her experience. By learning to ask and answer this question, you’ll have the ability to organize your money properly, acquisition what you’re looking for, and also stay on budget (if that’s also possible!).

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In this blog post, fine explore different ways to ask “how much is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com together with example sentences and conversations.

Let’s start!

Lesson ~ above “How much is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com

There are plenty of methods to ask “how lot is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com. Here is a perform of the most common ones that you’ll hear approximately Latin American countries:

¿Cuánto cuesta? (How lot is it?)¿Cuánto vale? (How lot does it cost?)¿Cuánto es? (How lot is it?)¿Cuál es el precio? (What is the price?)¿Cuánto me cobra? (How lot do you charge me?)¿Cuánto va a costar? (How lot will it cost?)¿A cuánto está? (How much is it?)¿Cuánto le debo? (How lot do ns owe you?)¿A cuánto? (How much?)¿Qué cuesta? (What does that cost?)¿Qué vale? (What is the worth?)¿Qué precio tiene? (What is the price of?)

There are an ext than 10 ways to ask because that the price that something! Similarly, there space plenty that variations come the basic of the question.

Example Sentences

¿Cuánto cuesta esa blusa?How lot is the blouse?

¿Cuánto vale el reloj?How much is that watch?

¿Cuánto es de la tintorería?How lot is it from the dry cleaning?

¿Cuál es el precio de la libra de café?What is the price of a pound of coffee?

¿Cuánto me cobra por esta bolsa?How much do you charge me for this bag?

¿Cuánto va a costar el boleto la próxima semana?How much is the ticket walk to expense next week?

¿A cuánto está la bolsa de arroz?How lot is the bag that rice?

¿Cuánto le debo por la comida?How lot do ns owe you for the meal?

¿A cuánto la libra de azúcar?How lot is the pound of sugar?

¿Qué cuesta el libro?What go the book cost?

¿Qué valen los pantalones?What are the pants worth? / just how much room the pants?

¿Qué precio tiene la pintura?What is the price the the painting?


Why perform Cuánto and Qué Have an Accent?

The words question words cuánto and also qué have an interval only once they’re being offered in an interrogative or exclamatory function. While the accent note doesn’t affect their pronunciation, it’s what sets them apart from relative pronouns.

Interrogative Function

The accent note is added to cuánto and qué together a way to ask concerns or refer uncertainty.

¿Cuánto dinero necesitas?How much money carry out you need?

No sé cuánto tiempo vaya a tardar.I nothing know just how much time it will take.

Exclamatory duty – Wow!

The accent note shows excited or elevated emotions in relation to the an interpretation of the expression.

¡Mira cuánto dare ha costado comprar todo esto!Look just how much it has expense you come buy every this!

Qué alegría verte cumplir tus metas.What a pleasure to see you meet your goals.

How many vs just how Much in urbanbreathnyc.com

The native “much” and also “many” are provided in a different method in urbanbreathnyc.com.

For instance, in English, “much” explains mass or uncountable noun (like juice, water, and patience), if “many” describes countable nouns (like shoes, pillows, and also books).

If you desire a detailed lesson and some exercise exercises ~ above discerning in between “how much” and “how many” in urbanbreathnyc.com, examine our blog short article How much vs just how Many: what’s the lot in urbanbreathnyc.com?

Asking “How lot Is It?” in urbanbreathnyc.com once Traveling

urbanbreathnyc.com-speaking countries receive countless tourists every year, and if you planning on ending up being one that them, it’s necessary to know just how to ask and answer “how much is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com.

Here is a perform of unit volume you can use when you want to understand the prices of goods or solutions while traveling. Shot them out and also you’ll increase your vocabulary because that your following trip come Latin America in no time!

At the Airport

¿A cuánto están los pasajes de avión?How much are the airplane tickets?

¿Cuánto cuesta el traslado a primera clase?How much does the move to an initial class cost?

¿Cuánto cuesta cada maleta adicional?How lot does each additional suitcase cost?

¿Cuánto vale cada libra de sobrepeso?How much does every overweight lb cost?

¿Cuál es el precio del wi-fi en el avión?What ‘s the price of wi-fi ~ above the plane?)

¿Cuánto cuesta el taxi?How much is the taxi?

With Your travel Buddy

¿Cuánto nos van a costar todas las comidas?How lot will every the meals cost?

¿Cuál es el precio más barato en hoteles?What is the cheapest price in hotels?

¿Cuánto cuesta el cuarto del hotel?How lot does the hotel room cost?

¿A cuánto está el tipo de cambio (de la moneda)?How much is the currency exchange rate?

¿Cuánto cuesta la excursión a la que quieres ir?How much is the tour you desire to walk to?

¿Cuánto car debo del transporte que pagaste?How lot do ns owe you because that the transportation you paid?

¿Sabes cuánto nos cobrarían por tomarnos fotos e imprimirlas?Do friend know how much they would certainly charge us to take united state pictures and also print them?

¿A cuánto está la entrada al museo?How much is the ticket come the museum?


Are you favor me and also want come buy pretty much whatever you watch while ~ above a trip?

This perform is for you.

Shopping is a huge component of traveling, yet of course you need to make certain that price fit her budget and also these concerns do simply that.

Here, you’ll find a perform of words and also phrases pertained to the act of purchasing items, and an instance conversation to check out what the answers would certainly be like.

Words related to Cost

el dinero (money)el billete (bill)la tarjeta de crédito (credit card)la tarjeta de débito (debit card)el efectivo (cash)el cheque (check)los dólares (dollars)los euros (euros)el precio (price)la oferta (sale)el descuento (discount)caro (expensive)barato (cheap)

“How much Is It?” in urbanbreathnyc.com in ~ the grocery Store

¿Cuánto cuesta el pan?How lot is the bread?) *el is masculine

¿Cuánto vale la red de cebollas?How much is the net of onions? *red is feminine

¿A cuánto está la libra de carne?How lot is the pound of meat?

¿Cuánto es por todo?How much is it because that everything?

¿Cuál es el precio de la leche con el descuento aplicado?What is the price the milk through the discount applied?

¿Qué precio tienen los cereales en promoción?What is the price of the advancement cereals?

¿A cuánto está cada limón?How much is each lemon?

Phrases in ~ a Mall, Market, or Store

¿Cuánto cuesta ese recuerdo?How lot is that souvenir?

¿Cuánto vale este plato?How much is this plate?

¿Cuánto es por todo lo que llevo?How much is it for everything I’m carrying?

¿Qué precio tiene este llavero?What is the price of this keychain?

¿A cuánto está la caja de churros?How much is the box of churros?

¿Cuánto cuestan ras blusas con el descuento incluido?How lot are the blouses through the discount included?

If you planning top top doing clothes shopping, go check this guide to urbanbreathnyc.com fashion and also see all the words and also phrases you should recognize when buying brand-new outfits!

“How lot Is It?” in urbanbreathnyc.com: instance Conversations

Now, imagine you desire to purchase some souvenirs to provide them to her family and friends. Here, you could ask “how lot is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com in numerous ways.

The conversation would go like this:

You: Buenos días, ¿tienen llaveros con nombres escritos encima? Good morning, carry out you have keychains with names composed on them?

Seller: Buenos días, claro que sí. Sígueme, te los muestro. great morning, that course we do. Monitor me, I’ll display you.

You: Gracias. Estos me encantan, ¿cuánto cuestan? thank you. Ns love these, how much room they?

Seller: Cada uno cuesta $1, pero puedo hacerte un descuento si car llevas más de cinco. Each one expenses $1, however I can give you a discount if girlfriend take more than five.

You: ¿Cuánto me cobrarías si me llevo quince? just how much would you charge me if i take fifteen?

Seller: Por ser tantos, puedo dejarte los más sencillos a $0.50 y los otros a $0.75. Because the the number, I have the right to leave girlfriend the easiest ones at $ 0.50 and the others at $ 0.75.

You: Excelente, los quiero. Excellent, I want them.

Seller: Perfecto, elige los que más te gusten y dare espero en la caja. Perfect, select the persons you choose the most and I’ll wait for you in ~ the check-out counter.

You: Listo, ¿cuánto dare debo? Done, just how much carry out I fan you?

Seller: El complete sería de $11.00, ya con el descuento incluido. ¿Te gustaría llevarte alguna camiseta adicional? The complete would be $ 11.00, currently with the discount included. Would you choose to take secondary shirt?

You: ¿A cuánto están ras camisetas? how much are the shirts?

Seller: Cada una cuesta $5.50. each one costs $5.50.

You: Sí quiero llevarme una, me gusta la gris.I perform want to take it one, I like the gray one.

Seller: Perfecto, tu total es de $16.50. ¿Pagas con tarjeta? Perfect, your complete is $ 16.50. Perform you salary by card?

You: Sí, aquí está. Yes, here it is.

Seller: Muchas gracias, aquí tienes tu factura. say thanks to you very much, here’s her receipt.

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You: ¡Gracias! Que tengas un lindo día. Thank you! have a nice day.

How lot urbanbreathnyc.com go You find out Today?

When we travel, all aspects of money, prices, and also budgets form an important part the the process. The concern “how lot is it?” in urbanbreathnyc.com always pops up while in urbanbreathnyc.com-speaking countries.

This language is so lot fun come learn, especially throughout your trips come the nations where world speak it. However, there’s additionally time to discover an ext about that in bespeak to become a pro, if you’re in the lull of your home!

Sign up because that a totally free class v us in ~ Homeschool urbanbreathnyc.com Academy, exercise your urbanbreathnyc.com, and also see exactly how amazing the procedure of learning this beautiful language is!