I have actually been cleaning up a relative's laptop and using home windows 7's defragmenter has actually taken probably 6 hours to defrag. It is on happen 6 and moving at a snail's pace.

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Its an old laptop and I dont think that has ever before had program maint. Excellent on it.

Edit: I uncovered out the the defragger is automatically on widows 7 and is reserved to defragg regularly. Yet when I first did it... It stated the drive was 43% fragmented.

Edit: there is no an are issues on the drive.


It walk at least 10 passes. 43% fragged is very high. Friend may have other difficult drive problems, I would certainly recommend running chkdsk and also a program referred to as spinrite likewise for maintenance. Backup!

I ran chkdsk and also it has actually been grounding on phase 2 or 3 (verifying indexes) ... At 68% for around 40 minute now.

Edit: it has because continued on.

yeah in similar cases, simply copy all the data, music, papers to a backupdrive one of two people via ethernet or with USBs climate delete these documents, do a defrag and also put the documents back.

I guess that computer would additionally make usage of a home windows reinstallation come clean up the clutter.

last i inspect less that a ssd, windows 7 will run defrag as soon as it demands to....

this was introduced with vista.

Laptop drives are hella slow. They additionally fail fairly rapidly; it wouldn't surprise me if the drive has actually a few unrecoverable errors. Laptop drives room small, slow, operate in an enclosed space, are subject come high temperatures, and are an ext likely to endure operating shock contrasted to desktop drives.

Well one pass have to really be enough. There are most likely other factors preventing the drive from coming to be sufficiently defragged. If you don't have actually enough cost-free space on the drive to reorganize the files that could be a problem. If you have actually plenty of free space it might be something weird going on, maybe try a third party defrag application prefer smart defrag.

EDIT: i forgot the success defragger display screens the development with overcome I supposed one pass together in informing it to defrag and letting it run to completion.

I'd likewise recommend defraggler, something the can give you file-level reports. I've seen cases where one huge document is very fragmented and also that reasons the windows report come look choose your hard drive is a battleground once it's really just primarily a DVD ISO or something.

But yes, the % complimentary space components in a ton, together well. If he's cleaning up a relative's laptop, I'd recommend computer Decrapifier to assist automate the uninstall process, and TreeSize free to aid find the tough drive room hogs.

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