I’m writing now with an essential announcement — us have decided to move the start day for our go back to in-person work back by 2 weeks, from august 2 to respectable 16, in solution to inquiry for additional time to prepare to come earlier to campuses and offices.

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The decision to delay our return to campuses and offices grew also from our commitment to the protocols because that health and also safety walkthroughs the we arisen in consultation through labor leadership. As you know, component of the ready for our return to in-person work and also instruction consists of conducting campus health and also safety walkthroughs through your job representatives. We desire to permit adequate time because that the scheduling and administration of these walkthroughs.

Campus leaders and also managers will retain the flexibility to determine that some employees must start comes in prior to August 16 in order to be prepared for great to begin on august 25.

Vaccination and Testing

The amendment calendar will also afford essential time to institute a University-wide systematic experimentation protocol. As we have actually known for plenty of months, inoculation is the crucial to our safe return to campuses and offices since the highly reliable COVID vaccines are without doubt the best means to stop transmission the the virus. Ns am pleased that our last survey a month ago found that 87 percent that urbanbreathnyc.com faculty and at least 70 percent that staff have been vaccinated, and also I urge those who have not yet been vaccinated to carry out so. As a reminder, employees acquire up to four hours of payment time turn off to get each forced dose.

To defend the safety and security of unvaccinated faculty, staff and also students and those who choose not come disclose their vaccination status, these people will be required to be tested. Details of the trial and error protocols and procedures are forthcoming. Unless points change, employees will not need come be regularly tested if castle voluntarily carry out vaccine information and also supporting documentation in urbanbreathnyc.comfirst. Starting august 16, anyone entering a urbanbreathnyc.com basic will have to be totally vaccinated (two weeks past the last inoculation shot) or have actually a negative COVID-19 test taken within the previous seven days.

Vaccination Verification

All employees can start uploading their info today by signing in to urbanbreathnyc.comfirst and clicking ~ above the Vaccine confirmation link. To complete your inoculation information, friend will require the date of your second shot because that Pfizer and Moderna or the day of your solitary shot because that Johnson & Johnson; a scan or photograph of her CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card (or one equivalent file if you obtained your vaccination exterior the U.S.), and, if you have actually the NY State Excelsior Pass app, a scan or photograph of her pass on her mobile device. We are working through NYS Excelsior to link the pass to urbanbreathnyc.com because that validation purposes.

Please keep in mind that employees returning the main of respectable 16 will should upload their vaccination verification records by Friday, respectable 6, mirroring they will certainly be completely vaccinated by the 16th. Because that those beginning later 보다 August 16, the deadlines for uploading are 10 days prior to the an initial week you space due back. Because that instance, if you are beginning the main of august 23, the meeting is august 13. These voluntary submissions will facilitate your access to a campus or office in August and also throughout the loss semester.

If you space not completely vaccinated or execute not great to disclose her status, girlfriend will have the ability to opt out of testing if you have an approved inquiry for a totally remote accommodation. Authorized or pending requests should be suggested on the Vaccine information Page in urbanbreathnyc.comfirst and will be proved by campus human Resources workplaces after they are submitted.

For a visual guide to submitting details to urbanbreathnyc.comfirst, you re welcome visit here. For basic information on getting ago to working in person, please refer to this FAQ. If you still have questions, please consult your HR office. If you have actually a technological problem, please call your campus or office help desk for assistance. Every urbanbreathnyc.com employees — vaccinated, unvaccinated or undisclosed — are forced to follow the University’s Guidelines because that urbanbreathnyc.com fall 2021 Reopening where Not anyone is completely Vaccinated.

Finally, please note that the symptom tracker function of Everbridge will no much longer be in usage after the return to workplaces on august 16. We will transition to a brand-new feature in Everbridge that will display a urbanbreathnyc.com VAX happen for those who have verified your vaccination info in urbanbreathnyc.comfirst.

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urbanbreathnyc.com and campus leader throughout the college are proceeding to work hard to facilitate a safe and smooth return for all our students, faculty and staff. I reiterate ours ironclad commitment come protecting the health of all members the our neighborhood in a climate that continues to it is in fluid and rapidly changeable. We look forward to welcoming everyone earlier in the next month; until then, please continue to stay safe.