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Personal target orientation experience

“Good morning friends. Ns was not planning on make this video. I’m sure my eyes. But as I’m sit here about to lock in the target orientation.

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I about it I choose video. So um. I’m beginning at target today, therefore I’m around to walk in because that orientation. And also I guess the sorry I’m chewing gum.

Suppose you hear me prefer slaloms that I simply put a new piece of my mouth. That is a lot of this is why you just pulled up alongside me host on. I’m pretty sure she’s below for orientation.

Tips because that preparing

I’m in talking about my target orientation. Every little thing I’ll also tell you how I got the job of the interview tired process. I’m getting ready to walk in right now. I’ve been sitting here. I gained here early due to the fact that I’m a huge baby and I didn’t want to be late on my very first day.

So I acquired here choose 30 minute early. I’m a walk-in now, and also I view if I can get any type of recording excellent in there more than likely not because I’m not trying to up. My an initial date have the right to you feel prefer me. Great me luck.

I just came in a so clutch for myself on mine first-day target orientation. I prefer to bring like a notebook or something fine sock technology notes. But also it looks good if you execute that because I mean you should do it honestly.

Because the is no their responsibility to give your paper and pencils and stuff, yet I do it provides you look good, and that’s best tight notes on your first day. You know you can have to create down passwords to gain pay stubs whereby I have to write under your schedule, girlfriend never know sorry if I’m grossing girlfriend out through the gum, but I didn’t think anyways about that this morning. However I just looked down at my floorboard. And also I had actually that small notebook appropriate there.

And I have this within of the so look in ~ me alright here. I go that by I’m earlier so that lasted a lot much longer than I assumed it would certainly I’m googled it which is how I uncover out every my information. I’m do the efforts to set the camera up. I’m i m really sorry ugly angle. Ns googled. It and also google told.

Me that the orientation was only going to be favor two to 3 hours.

Off i went in in ~ 10 am. Ns technically clocked the end at 2. 30. Yes. Yes a hobby lobby behind me ns went throughout the street.

Because i didn’t desire to it is in weird, I’d just be sitting in the parking lot talk to mine phone. Oh, right here we space sorry if mine ac is loud. That shot together the devil s balls exterior so not transforming it off anyway so once I first went right into orientation.

They had all of our group. Well. Castle told us to like me in the cafe choose the target cafe.

So ns sat there for around 10 minutes. And also it was talking to some other human being that to be there for orientation. We had actually a really large group. I think we had 11 or 12 people.

The trainer lady who works in hour was telling us that it to be a bigger team so maybe. The is why it’s longer for me due to the fact that they had to walk through all of us. Individually. They were really organized the way they had actually it set up they had actually one-hour lady going through orientation when they had the various other hour lady doing prefer the behind the scenes putting all ours info and taking copies of our ids.

All that funny stuff for this reason yeah. We an initial went in we all satellite down and also like this classroom. That looks choose a classroom. It to be a classroom had actually a whiteboard this everything I’ll show all.

Because i took a little video that it when we were on our 15-minute break, so that is what that looked like a tiny bit. Didn’t desire to be weird around it and also like I’d be favor mmm. For this reason this is what I gained so this is what I acquire it was boring uh acquired the keep in mind yeah.

I was boring. The was as with basically just the stuff they have to tell you choose harassment. What is the word dis. Don’t discriminate differentiate harassment, sexual harassment ethics?

They feel choose the boring ingredient they need to go through before you start all the stuff is like in her handbook when you begin a job. I’m sorry i talk with my hands, and my nails look so ugly. We did that we watched videos hear to the ladies talk.

Customer orientation and also target market


She was yes, really sweet, so it wasn’t she fault that it to be boring. That was just the stuff that we need to learn about it to be boring, so she was reading choose the handbook. So i was pretty much pointing out the necessary stuff they offered us a save tour. So us went and also liked to learn where come clock in and out where to put your ingredient out once you walk in wherein the back room is I prefer where they keep the merchandise.

That’s no on the floor. The keep manager come in. I think they contact it something rather a target. Yet I do not remember what that was yet he is the store manager, and also he was yes, really sweet. The just introduced himself come us and was favor hey the popped in a couple of times to make certain we were doing good one thing.

We did do like I do not remember what it was called. Yet we had actually to walk approximately the store and also do like a worksheet basically around it, so the was fun we had actually to do it in groups. It was better than sit there, therefore it to be cool towards the end. We had to kind of check out some stuff by ourselves.

She had actually like some packets happen them around we had to check out them, and we go one in ~ a time come fill the end our stuff on the computer. Ours I. 9. Type and w. 2s and stuff. Therefore yeah. It to be pretty basic.

We additionally went end the dress code. Which was you understanding to wear red, a red shirt and also either blue jeans or khakis. No open-toed shoes. The cool thing around them castle don’t treatment what shade you dye her hair.

I don’t care around piercings, nothing care around tattoos, i m sorry is good for me. I don’t have to wear no what is referred to as no lengthy sleeves forever21 okay. I operated there for prefer ever and for favor ever.

But um the end of all places that ar makes you cover up her tattoos. I don’t understand if they execute now since I haven’t operated there since 2015. Yet I don’t understand why my phone just gained dark. But yeah they make you covering up your tattoos.

There and you think forever21 like there you re choose up with the trends. So friend think they i will not ~ mind. But whatever um i don’t understand I just thought the was monster so yes they have a cool dress code.

I’m going come be working as a style consultant.

Tips for preparing come attenda a new-job orientation

This is working in apparel, i beg your pardon I wanted to do due to the fact that that’s what I like to execute on mine schedule. I should show you permit me offer us. A tiny folder. Oh, cute. Oh here’s my name tag friend dropped.

I don’t desire it again. I feel like people are going to think I’m part weird yes sir a small handbook. That the exact same as every handbook at every task tells you don t do dumb stuff here’s my tiny schedule document you have orientation because that the large group that people, and then they provide you an individual schedule.

People walking this way. Favor where is all? walk to offer you good schedule.

So i didn’t want target orientation today. Ns go back tomorrow 10. 00 come 6. 00. When today’s Monday, Wednesdays well noon come 5. 30. Friday native 10. 30 come 5. 30. And also Saturday 1. 00. To 6. 00 a.m for this reason those are my cultivate hours.

And the looks choose I’m walk to be in boy’s clothes. And also I love well if i didn’t have kids I wouldn’t treatment for kid’s clothes. Yet I have actually kids, so it’s amazing for me due to the fact that I have actually kids, so ns care about clothes. And then the mainly after that i only job-related three days.

But they space eight hour days. But that’s what lock told me the I average it’s a retail and the position. I acquired hired because that it’s sort of not choose it’s not committed full time. If that makes sense like I deserve to work full-time hours.

But if they have a shortage the hours.


I’ll be functioning part-time hours, which the is what I wanted to do since I have actually my online clothes store and kids. And you understand I don t want come work full time all the time. But I want that chance to be there if I require the money come feels me, so it functions out good for me.

That is kind of what I want they likewise gave us papers on having task was I boring ordinal this wherein we did favor a little store. Scavenger hunt things I don t know it to be basically choose a self-guided tour oh the girl that parked by me this morning was together I turn so the was awkward not really need to t say anything. But it could have to be awkward okay. I’m going to put this ~ above I do not know what side of that laurel.

I was on this site. Just start to take a picture of my thumbnail. One other thing they told me because I’m working in style.

It provides sense. But because I’m working v the style you can wear it technically I’m in dress code. Ns knew around this big old t-shirt. Ns think it’s my boyfriend’ s t-shirt.

But they desire their people who work-related in layout to it is in stylish. So I have to step that up ns wear a t-shirt today since it’s target orientation and who cares, yet I’m going come I hate wearing red, so i’m going to need to go and also buy part cute red clothes. I don t like come wear red because of mine skin color. I’m not white.

I’m red, and my hair is prefer it clashes together a red color to it. It doesn’t look great with the red and also then my face. I have actually makeup on, and you deserve to still view the red. I think that is pretty much it favor it was pretty set back, oh and they provided us a whole bunch of snacks. I had a totality table full of light like snacks choose muffins doughnuts.

Fruit snacks and also when every the bars follow mix and also some water, so nice to everybody that works there seems pretty. 9. 00. It’s choose everybody ns walked previous spoke to me.

It was like how are you doing good morning. Welcome come the team so well see just how it goes. I’m going to go now due to the fact that my sister has actually my kids and also he’s walk to punch me if i take so long and it currently took much longer than i told her i would. This is the finish of my target orientation. I’ll view you next time bye.

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