What is the best route to walk from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach? Mapquest and Freetrip.com offer me different routes that 240 miles on the highways (I-77 toI-20 to I-95, etc.) or 175 mile cutting across S.C. On Highway 151 with the Hartsville/Florence area.

Has anyone thrust from Charlotte come MB and can provide advice ~ above the best route. I'm partial come the Highway 151 route, but I can't call on a map if it's 2 or 4-lane road and also we don't desire to be the end in the center of nowhere with no gas stations/fast food place to stop. Thanks!

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1.Re: finest route driving indigenous Charlotte to Myrtle beach
13 years ago

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Either path works. Even though the an initial one of all highways is much longer in miles, BOTH routes are 4 hours give or take it a couple of minutes from Charlotte. Believe me, we've tried both routes pulling a camper. You have to decide if you prefer 70 mph nonstop, or a stop/start scenic course through tiny towns.

Honestly, ns think locating food and also bathrooms will not be a problem. If you walk the scenic path of 74 to 601 to 151 to 52 then jump top top 1-95 a couple of exits to discover 327 come 76 and on into 501 then be sure to avoid for gas/bathrooms about Darlington. It's a perfect middle of the pilgrimage stop right about the 2 hour note travel time.

If you are traveling into NORTH Myrtle, then be certain to take the new Hwy 22 just past Aynor area. Really NICE road.

Watch speed limit in small towns favor McBee. The road indications saying Myrtle beach are easy to follow also on this route. The easiest location to chaos up is lacking the leave ramp just past the Darlington speedway and the car aution. It is in in the right hand lane and also you won't miss that fast turn under the ramp prior to YOU CROSS over A BRIDGE.

I expect this helps. Safe travels to you. Gain your trip. BTW, I've make this pilgrimage from CLT number of times also with a infant in tow, you'll be fine. As you deserve to tell, ns personally favor the scenic route better, however pulling the camper, the hubby likes the directly shots of highways route.