Marco Island, the biggest of the Ten thousand Islands, is located at southern reminder of Florida\"s heaven Coast. A beachfront sky located north of the Gulf shore entrance come Everglades nationwide Park and 15 miles southern of Naples, the island is surrounded by the Gulf that Mexico on one side and pristine mangrove estuaries on the other. 

Marco Island is home to several of the world\"s most beautiful beaches and also offers world-class golf courses nearby, shopping and dining on Marco Island and in adjacent Naples, the civilization famous Everglades nationwide Park adjacent, and immediate access to both the Gulf the Mexico and the mangrove-lined estuaries that the Ten thousand Islands for shelling, fishing, boating, bird and wildlife watching, kayaking and canoeing.

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A NATURAL choice FOR relaxation & ADVENTURE

The natural setting in and around Marco Island offers the perfect backdrop for both relaxing and also adventurous activities.

Marco Island\"s beach and surrounding sand bars offer some the the finest shelling in the world. A stroll along Marco Island beaches will certainly reward the covering seeker with a wide selection of shells including whelks, olive shells, scallops and hundreds of various other varieties. A number of island tour operators carry out short trips by watercraft to deserted sand bars and beach islands that are covered in shells and cost-free from crowds, providing a relaxed atmosphere to search for this treasures.


Explore the Ten Thousand archipelago by kayak.

The Ten thousand Islands stretch endlessly from Marco Island\"s southern edge, winding previous Everglades City and also Chokoloskee all the method down to Flamingo at the southern guideline of Florida\"s mainland. A large percentage of the Ten Thousand archipelago is located within the limits of either the Ten thousands Islands national Wildlife Refuge or Everglades national Park, giving a haven for plenty of rare and also endangered animal and also bird species.

Bird watchers and also adventurers can easily accessibility this water wonderland native Marco Island. Kayaks space readily accessible for rent, v both short and extended tour routes available. Water sporting activities operators provide guided Waverunner tourism through nearby mangrove islands with info on the mangrove estuary and also its inhabitants, including bottlenose dolphins, manatees, sea otters, alligators, crocodiles, lumber storks, brown and also white pelicans, roseate spoonbills, herons, egrets and more.

The regional residents encompass dolphins, manatees, sea otters, timber storks, white pelicans and more.

Marco Island is flanked by virtually 100 miles of islands, bays and also estuaries the will never be developed. Access to this surrounding wilderness is possible through the Rookery Bay national Estuarine research study Reserve, Ten thousands Islands nationwide Wildlife Refuge, Collier-Seminole State Park, Fakahatchee Strand preserve State Park, huge Cypress keep National Park and also Everglades nationwide Park. These park units provide a paradise for nature photographers, anglers and also outdoor adventurers.


Backcountry fishing is very popular about Marco Island and fishing enthusiasm reel in plenty of snook, tarpon, redfish, trout, pompano and many other species. Experienced guides space readily easily accessible for fishing excursions from Marco Island, Chokoloskee, Everglades City, Goodland and also other nearby areas and include backcountry flats fishing and also offshore charters right into the Gulf of Mexico because that grouper, kingfish and snapper.


Marco Island and the neapolitan area offer great golf with several courses located adjacent including JW Marriott\"s The Rookery at Marco - the JW Marriott Marco Island beach Resort\"s freshly redesigned course that also features the Faldo Golf academy instruction program. There room many surrounding courses in naples easily available to Marco Island.


Marco Island is renowned in historical circles as vital center of early on American civilization, based upon priceless artefacts recovered there dating earlier to the Calusa Indians.


The Calusa Indians to be the area\"s original inhabitants.

A dozen crucial historic markers across the island chart Marco Island history, consisting of one the many historically far-reaching archeological excavations in phibìc America. At this site, archeologists have actually unearthed ancient artifacts including the priceless vital Marco Cat sculpture, currently on a special extended visit in partnership through the Smithsonian in ~ Marco Island historical Museum. Other historical markers placed about the island identify old burial mounds, island marinas, an 1883 historical inn, remnants that the Caxambas shell Colony, the stays of the Marco Island Witch Watchtower and also more. 


Marco Island offers numerous shopping treasures. Specialty shops and also resort boutiques offer whatever from swimwear and resort casual selections to the ideal designer fashions and also art work. Shopping goes past beach wear, with stores that offer imaginative items of regional flavor and interesting souvenirs.

Shop artsy boutiques, designer outlets and also more.

Conveniently located just a couple of miles turn off the island is neapolitan Outlet Center, with stores providing designer clothing and shoes, books and housewares in ~ discount prices. The Marco Island Center because that the Arts has a cost-free gallery that includes a gift shop selling locally produced art pieces. Neapolitan is simply a brief drive away with numerous shopping destinations consisting of the downtown fifth Avenue southern and third Street southern shopping districts, in addition to Tin City, the town on Venetian Bay, Coastland center Mall and Waterside Shops, v its many luxury stores.


Indulge in authentic tastes of Italy with gourmet flair to revenue E Pepe at Marco Beach ocean Resort through spectacular Gulf the Mexico views. Renowned area restaurants such as Fin Bistro, Snook Inn and Cafe de Marco specialization in new Gulf seafood.


Stone crabs space a local delicacy (available seasonally).

For laid-back waterfront ambiance, Stan\"s Idle Hour Seafood Restaurant in the village of Goodland uses fresh seafood daily and unique entertainment every Sunday afternoon. From 1-6 pm, gain the lengthy standing tradition well-known as the Sunday Party consisting of live music, a fashion show from the Island mrs boutique and a casual menu including seafood sandwiches. Nearby, the small Bar Restaurant in Goodland serves up fresh Florida seafood and also steaks together with great live music in the lounge.


Marco Island\"s accommodations variety from luxurious waterfront will to villa resorts, small motels and a historical inn, as well as private condominiums and also elegant homes easily accessible for short and also long term vacation rental.

The luxurious Marco Beach s Resort offers one and two-bedroom suites, a spa and also rooftop swimming swimming pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.


Amenities in ~ the JW Marriott Marco Island beach Resort include a Balinese-themed spa.

The JW Marriott Marco Island Beach resort is a location in itself, with 810 rooms and extensive will activities, children\"s programs and also facilities. This resort has actually just arised from a $230 million renovation consisting of the brand-new Lanai Tower, a spectacular Balinese-themed spa, a new pool, brand-new meeting facilities and room enhancements.

The Hilton Marco Island Beach resort & Spa is a four Star, four Diamond, recently renovated resort through several excellent dining choices and a brand-new spa.

The Olde Marco Island Inn & Suites, dating ago to 1883, is a historic retreat that is regarded as among the most romantic in Southwest Florida. The original Inn, situated on a previous Calusa Indian shell mound, now dwellings the agree area and also restaurant, v both indoor and also courtyard garden seating. The Inn features 51 one and also two bedroom, two bath suites decorated with a tropic flair, in ~ walking distance of shops and some the the island\"s favorite restaurants and waterfront bars.

The boat House Motel provides old-Florida ambiance and also slips because that your boat with direct Gulf of Mexico access.

Marco Island Lakeside Inn, a Superior tiny Lodging, functions a warm lakefront atmosphere close come shopping, dining and the beaches.

In addition, hundreds of private condominiums and also beautiful dwellings located indigenous the Gulf beaches to the canal-lined areas of Marco Island offer a variety of selections for vacationers. These accommodations sell visitors amenities such as dining and also family rooms, kitchens, washers and also dryers, private balconies with spectacular views and all the comforts that home.


Getting to Marco Island is easy. From I-75, take exit 101 and also head south on Collier Boulevard for 20 mile to Marco Island.

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The Marco Island executive, management Airport offers private jet service and also charter flights to and from surrounding international. Southwest Florida global Airport is situated 45 minutes north in fort Myers. Marco Island deserve to be got to from Orlando, Miami, fort Lauderdale and also Palm coast via I-75, additionally known together Alligator Alley; or native Miami via U.S. Highway 41, likewise known together the Tamiami Trail, designated together a U.S. Scenic Byway and a Florida Scenic Highway. Marco Island is convenient to Naples, with a riches of shopping, dining and cultural opportunities, and Everglades national Park, Everglades City and also a variety of state and federal nature preserves and also parks nearby.