Planning a one week expedition to Virginia beach for 3 families. While browsing online for fun locations to visit i came throughout Kings ascendancy theme park near Richmond. We already plan on taking the one hour journey to Busch Gardens for a day. I was simply wondering if Kings dominance would be precious a 2 hour drive on a separate day? anyone have any kind of opinions on this?

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I wouldn't bother if girlfriend are already going to Busch Gardens. It's fun, however not worth being in the automobile your whole vacation.

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I agree. And also what you think is going to be a 2-hour pilgrimage is likely to be a lot of longer depending upon summer website traffic in that area.

If girlfriend are already going come Busch Gardens, the just reason I would certainly suggest likewise going to Kings ascendancy is if you space a large fan that roller coasters. If you invest some time ~ above both parks' websites, you will note that there room a lot more rides at kings Dominion, and a lot of an excellent coasters. BUT, the grasp of coasters in ~ BG are really fantastic. Plus, BG is a lot prettier, cleaner park 보다 KD, and also is well-known for that virtually every year with awards for that.

Kings dominion is a good option if you are in Richmond, and it's only 20 minutes away.

I would certainly not make the drive from Va Beach since you are currently going to Busch Gardens. Girlfriend may consider going come Water country USA if girlfriend really desire to make one more "Adventure Park" trip throughout your main in Va Beach... Or try the little Ocean Breeze water park in Va Beach

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I would certainly not carry out it.

IMO Kings ascendancy is far better than that was twenty years ago,

but no whereby as nice together Busch Gardens.

Also, through all the hot weather, in ~ BG you deserve to take bottled water right into the park.

You may take NO external drinks of any kind of kind into the park at KD.

I was simply there three days back and this is mine review:

Every various other year we get season passes to Busch Gardens and shot to go at the very least three time (we room three hrs away).

Busch has much better food, and lovely grounds all around, and good coasters.

If you desire a water park, shot Water country USA as that one is extremely rated.

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Thanks for every the replies!!

We are definitely planning on visiting one of two people Watercountry USA or Oceanbreeze top top a different day. Currently have trips planned to the Aquarium, motor World, and the botanical Gardens in adjacent Norfolk.

The main thing the attracted me come KD was, together someone mentioned, the slim volume that rollercoasters that has. 12 if I'm not mistaken. Plus the water park is in the same park and included in the price. If it to be closer come VB it would certainly be a no-brainer. Simply don't think I deserve to talk myself right into making the 100 mile trip.

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8 years ago

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