We watch PJ Masks. Ns feel choose I’m in ~ the beginning of group therapy session because that a serious condition – but this is simply a small comment on what i observe. Us watch PJ Masks because, let’s confront it, our youngsters control the tv. My children love this show. Honestly, once there is nothing else on…we watch it too. Ok, enough digression. If you have not watched it prior to please see the video introduction .

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To begin, the cartoon that the PJ Masks is actually based on the book collection Les Pyjamasques by Romuald Racioppo. The premise that the story is based upon the resides of three six year olds who have actually normal lives during the day, but at night end up being super heroes with super powers! walk this sound familiar? PJ Masks is basically the exact same idea. The 3 super heroes are: Connor (Catboy), Amaya (Owlette) and also Greg (Gecco). Throughout the job they room normal 6 to 8 year old (I can’t precisely tell the age based on the cartoons, but we’ll obtain to this) children who attend school.

When they an alert problems during the day, they then dawn your costumed identities – Catboy, Owlette and also Gecco – come fight crime in ~ night. Lock all have actually super powers v Catboy having actually super speed; Owlette having actually the capacity to fly and also use she owl wing to promote owl winds; and Gecco has super strength and grip. In enhancement to this, they have actually a base (which appears to be a enormous totem pole) in a park through a pond/lake. And also each that them has a automobile which they journey (I’ll attend to this): Catboy has a cat-car that can go really fast, Owlette has actually an Owl-glider the flies and Gecco has actually a Gecco-mobile i m sorry can end up being a submarine and also can grip to buildings.

They have actually three “super villains” – that are additionally kids. Their main rivals are: Romeo ( a mad scientist supervillain), Night Ninja (as the name suggests and likewise has minions – who space cute) and also Luna girl (who has actually some inherent capacity to harness the power of the moon and likewise has sophisticated tech). I don’t want to go on a tangent here yet these space three children who are SUPERVILLAINS. OK?!? let’s continue.

Now, simply like any movie or present that i watch, i wonder simply how feasible these things can be. I recognize it’s a cartoon and also I understand that it’s just a children cartoon! that being said, I’d prefer to explore the likelyhood that PJ Masks could actually exist. Connor, Amaya and Greg are all neighbors. They happen to live homes which it seems to be ~ to it is in in a cul-de-sac (add pic). The first home (on the left) belongs to Connor and also it is a solitary family two story house with a blue roof. To the appropriate of Connor’s house is Amaya’s home, which appears to be a three story with a red roof. And finally, Greg’s residence is a 2 story house with a environment-friendly roof.

It’s an overwhelming to make a conclusion based upon this data, yet If you look very closely at the images of the homes, none of these youngsters seems to have the sources to live double lives or to assistance their crime fighting adventures. Financing their “crime fighting operation” might require serious “mula.” Let’s compare this to let’s say Batman – whose change ego is Bruce Wayne. We can’t compare really due to the fact that these room kids and also Bruce is an adult. It likewise not totally clear the these youngsters have parent, but they all seem to have actually parents. Bruce – fine – his parental were killed in former of him. So us really can’t compare. However let’s compare anyway.

For Mr. Wayne, every the data and also evidence (including his home – Wayne Manor) says he may have the way to assistance his crime fighting operation. Follow to Time Money, in the supervisor heroes universe Bruce Wayne is the third riches at sight hero – with a network worth of just over $9.2 exchange rate dollars. The black Panther is by far the wealthiest due to the fact that of Wakanda’s Vibranium ore wide range (Vibranium – the stuff Captain America’s shield is made turn off – is valued in ~ $10,000/gram!). However I digress, Bruce is the head the Wayne markets (or Wayne Enterprises). However, the an accurate nature of Wayne sectors is a little nebulous together well.

There is no clean indication the what precisely is made by Wayne Industries except military tech (but this is additionally not completely clear as Bruce doesn’t like going for military contracts). Yet I’m digressing again. Mr. Wayne’s wealth, along with his exceptional intellect, access to armed forces grade equipment, linked with his maintain in practically every type of martial arts, permits him to succeed together Batman.

(I think ok make one more post top top this as all of this is control me to think around Shell Companies and the human being who would certainly manufacture such equipment which would certainly make it practically impossible not to know who Batman is. Additionally, all of the vital non-disclosure agreements that should be signed is begging for a article right now.)

Then there is the matter of the power supply to your base and also the fuel the is provided to power their vehicles – all of this no made totally clear. But they would require fuel and energy, presumably, to strength these vehicles and the base, respectively. Everything the fuel or energy source is, castle would need money to acquisition or to do the research study to develop it. The reality that these are kids, and as the evidence says they come from modest backgrounds, would certainly make that very challenging for lock to have actually the vehicles lock drive and the basic they use to house their vehicles. However, it is completely plausible the these youngsters have trust funds (but the parents would certainly be entrusted through the care and also management), which would certainly in theory permit them come have all of these materials and also equipment. The parents would be mindful of fluctuations in the kids’ finances.

One reality that i can’t let go is the they all journey – and also Owlette deserve to pilot an aircraft. I don’t understand of any type of state that would provide licenses to journey to youngsters under 14. Only a couple of states provide the lowest period limit the 14 : Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, phibìc Dakota and also South Dakota. For this reason what these youngsters are law is breaking the law. But there seem to be no regulation enforcement in any of the episodes. For that matter, in many children cartoons, law enforcement is missing entirely – suggesting a form of utopia favor state.

The other worry I have is night time together “the best time to fight crime.” Those are the lyrics. We all know kids need come sleep – particularly as they room growing and also their brains are developing. There is no clear evidence for the exact time the PJ masks go to sleep. Let’s just assume they go to bed by 9pm. This is as soon as they dawn your super powers and costumes.

I think most kids (below the age of 14) would likely be very tired after several consecutive nights of crime fighting. This kids, Connor, Amaya and Greg, all need to attend school early on in the morning. This means, that on a good night, lock would have actually 6 hours of sleep. I won’t linger below for also long. Their academic performance would most likely suffer. And also eventually, your crime fighting an abilities would additionally diminish together the need for sleep will take its toy fee on every one of them. However, this could all be negate if they all had actually Special pressures training which would include consecutive days and nights of little sleep and tremendous exertion each day to make it through “hell week.” This would imply that the PJ Mask children are truly impressive in both intellect and physical ability.

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Ok. Ns think that is highly unlikely that there would certainly be kids capable of having the means to interact in crime fighting.

What do you think together a parent or together a pan of the show PJ Masks? This can just it is in a lot of nonsense, yet it’s amazing to think about the possibility. I still think “The Jetson’s” lied to me. Where are the paris cars and also talking robot servants?

Any ideas about what could be going on? your comments and ideas are welcome!

My youngsters love PJ Masks. The intro track is seared into my brain. And also despite the cartoon watching that occurs in our home, imaginative play is tho something that we all connect in almost on a everyday basis. And I do enjoy the fact that it renders my children happy. Because that the record, we all love Disney. Disney knows just how to administer engaging children’s entertainment. This are only the insignificant musings of a parent…late in ~ night. That’s it because that now. Thank you for reading. I’ll follow up on several of the comment made here. I might do a book review! Until next time. Same bat time. Exact same bat channel. Live long and also prosper!