These females are certainly firing on every emotional and also bitchy cylinders this evening. Every little bit that drama is wrung out of them favor a titty-sweat-soaked towel. Before we can obtain to the room-escape adventure, yes sir a housewarming party to wrap up.

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Porsha and also Phaedra walk right into Kenya’s house and Sherée is tho cackling prefer a stunned witch. Porsha defines she’s Phaedra’s plus-one and also everyone suddenly needs to study the paint on the wall. Can that it is in “steamed milk” or “ecru?” Porsha has actually some weak compliments because that the house: “It’s gained walls and flooring.” Kenya roll in and also sees Porsha and also she gets stress sweat in between her boobs wherein her jumpsuit is forcing lock together. Kenya asks Porsha to come outside and also asks her in a quite measured and also reasonable method to leave. Porsha no invited. Unfortunately, Kenya finds it more difficult to attract such clear limits with Matt.

Reality-TV producers should stop giving men with emotionally or physically abusive tendencies access to their female stars. How did Matt simply find his method to Kenya’s housewarming if she no invite him? If she invite him and also we’re all simply playing stupid because that the cameras, then fine. If not, they understand they’re wrong for this. Porsha, Phaedra, and also Sherée head out as Matt arrives. The puts his face really close come Kenya’s and they go upstairs come “talk.” Well, they perform talk at first and he guarantees to work to win his queen back. My eye rolled for this reason hard, I could momentarily see into my own past. Matt doesn’t cite anything details he’s going to do and Kenya says one of the factors she’s ready to take it Matt earlier is that it’s scary to think about starting over v someone new. Ns wrote, “OH LORD, KENYA” in mine notes. That need to tell you everything I feel about this development. They invest the following three work banging. Over there goes taking things slowly.

Cynthia is at house with her gorgeous daughter, Noelle, talking about her unavoidable divorce from Peter. Cynthia is shocked that her daughter noticed the she to be unhappy, and Noelle says, “Do you have low self-esteem since nobody just sits there and also argues over and over?” Cynthia division down and also Noelle comforts her. No hoax here, Cynthia seems to legit be going v a difficult time.

Thankfully, the episode snaps us right ago to tomfoolery as we obtain a an initial look at Kandi’s brand-new baby line, “Raising Ace,” complete with rocking-horse toilet seats for actual infants. Kandi is no one come let a money-making possibility pass her by. If she deserve to monetize the tiny human being that simply came the end of her body, through God, she will. Mama Joyce shows up to examine on the progress for the Old Lady corridor restaurant. Mama Joyce beginning talking around Phaedra, Porsha, and also anyone else that pops into her head. She’s the Bianca Del Rio the Atlanta.

Phaedra sits down for lunch with Kenya; Porsha sits down to lunch v Sherée. The editors have a ar day with this one. Phaedra speak Kenya the some regular dick in she life provides her skin simply glow. Porsha and also Sherée lament gift labeled “Angry black color Women” with no irony or self-awareness. Kenya wants to recognize if Porsha’s anger management way she’s cured. Porsha wants to get everyone with each other for an afternoon that fun, however Kenya is waiting for one invite, preferably delivered by a infant owl ~ above a pillow.

Kandi brings Bertha, Nora, and also Mama Joyce to inspect on the development of the Old Lady gang restaurant because it’s tho under construction. Bertha, Nora, and also Mama Joyce are currently my favorite human being on Earth and also I would certainly desperately like them to have a spinoff show. They could do anything — solve mysteries, take dance classes, just talk about people’s cousins. You understand they have 22 hrs of product on “ain’t shit cousins.” The OLG is excited about getting payment to stand around and also pose because that pictures and make cakes. Together they drive off right into the sunset, castle scream, “YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS! We gaining paid!” Kenya bring away Cynthia and also Kandi to acquire their totality bodies waxed. Any kind of hair under the nose need to be removed.

After she made totally smooth, Cynthia walk to gain coffee with Peter and he’s predictably triflin’. He tells her that answering the lawyer’s call calls just was “not a priority in his life.” Peter. He finally realized he had actually to perform something when he went to the hospital and also he couldn’t contact Cynthia anymore. The pulls out his phone and tells the lawyer to send the papers. They’re both crying. Anyone in the coffee shop is crying. Ns crying, back that might be election-related.

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It’s time for the room-escape adventure. Everyone shows up in your workout clothes except because that Kenya and Cynthia, who have actually giant-ass hats or the perspective equivalent of getting here somewhere in a big-ass hat. The teams will it is in Phaedra, Sherée, and Kandi versus Cynthia, Kenya, and also Porsha. The brains vs. The “dear God space they still screaming at every other?!” They split off into the zombie room and Sherlock’s library. Both teams press the “Clue” button 45 imes and neither team manages to escape. Porsha says, “Nobody won!” that’s right. Nobody won. And I’m crying again, this time certainly for choice reasons. ~ above the means out, Sherée and Kenya start talking for some unknown reason and also tear into each other around how no of them assisted the other during their decade-long home-building process. Kenya storms out and Sherée shouts, “You’re shopping at Ikea! her shit ain’t finished. Go twirl on part baseboards.” Correction: Sherée wins.