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Students at the Houjou academy are perfectly normal—except for those that take the Kuge course. This special course is reserved just for elite and also rich students and also their "honeys." Hagino Yuzuru enrolls in the course with Kai Renge, and she quickly regrets it.To come to be a honey, a college student must get someone already in the Kuge course to sponsor her. Kai becomes Hagino's sponsor, obtaining her right into the course and paying the price come cover it. But in return, Hagino have to submit to him together her master, catering to his every whim.Hagino may have gained herself right into something she can't handle. However if she pulls out now, she it s okay expelled native the school. Have the right to she make things work-related with Kai, or will certainly she contact it quits before he walk something she'll regret?

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i somehow controlled to stumble upon this steaming heap of roses while wandering MAL and seeing exactly how I haven't seen lot common, cute, lovey-dovey romantic in a while, so i was favor 'heck, one hour the sweet romance would certainly be sufficient for now'. Currently I say, i should've provided my valuable time because that something the actually has actually a point.The plot you read in the summary is nothing more but a poorly developed excuse for sexual harassment which, as we every know, doesn't yes, really scream romance. It's a common special college with one-of-a-kind rules kinda deal and also it is precisely as damaging as it sounds. Voice acting sucks.Illogical and also legal harassment galore. Boring, predictable, and cliche. The rare moments wherein something romantic would occur were cute, and also the beginning actually looked promising, i m sorry I entirely can give credits for however the the atmosphere is sadly kinda filled through rape innuendo. Sorry, Honey.Pointless drama everywhere.It's just bad. Go on, now. Shoo.