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Today’s prospect is a thumping linebacker with outstanding production.

Khalil Hodge, LB, Buffalo

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 255 (from Shrine game weigh-in)

Jersey: No. 4

Games watched: Miami, Akron, northern Illinois, Ohio ’17 & 18, Toledo (in person), Shrine game practices (in person), west Michigan ’16 (in person)


ProsTackling production. Hodge racked up end 400 tackles and also led all NCAA football player in solo tackles over the last 3 seasons. It’s no accident; he’s an extremely adept at gaining to the ball and also brings serious pop behind his pads.Power. Hodge plays bigger than his size thanks in component to superior strength and also torque in his shoulders and wrists. It helps him make arm tackles much more successfully, and also jamming tight end releasing right into routes.Closing burst come the ball. He’s not a long-speed guy however his 1-2-3 action burst come the point of strike is an extremely good. Hodge consists a most ground because that his length.Short-range coverage. Hodge deserve to effectively bring the tight end to the safety on relax routes, and also he’s conscious of his surroundings and also responsibilities in his coverage drops. He’s very great with the target tho in prior of him.ConsShedding blocks. For a an effective guy, Hodge is only average at getting totally free from blocks, even from chop ends. That doesn’t constantly sense the block coming until it’s also late come avoid, which is likely more of the problem here.Anticipation. Relies more on fast reactions than very early diagnosis of the play. That’s a lot less complicated to do in college than the NFL. This was an ext obvious seeing him in human being than from video game film.Range. He can go from one hash come the various other on the wider college field yet Hodge doesn’t have the sideline-to-sideline speed or flow, particularly when he lines up on the outside. The speed and also acceleration just aren’t there to chase down plays on the various other side that the formation. It’s additionally noticeable in coverage situations.Body control. Even with the prodigious tackling numbers, Hodge can have had also more. His foot quickness and relative i can not qualify to prevent his inert in pursuit incorporate to make him run previous some opportunities (see Miami and Ohio games)Not a blitzer. Hodge wasn’t asked to blitz a lot because that the Bulls, and also when he did that wasn’t an especially effective. That doesn’t protect against blocks well and also has no real setup or moves other than slamming into the heat at full speed. Finished v 5 career sacks.Summary

Highly fertile college tackler v athletic constraints that will likely relegate him to basic defenses in the NFL. Smart, effective player in between the tackles. Has actually some similarity to current Lions LB Steve Longa, though with a bit an ext power and also range.

Lions fit

In Detroit, Hodge would play an within LB duty behind strange fronts and the SAM role in even sets. The would help the inside-the-tackle-box defense against both the run and also the quick pass. Hodge jobs as a 4th-6th round possibility at this point.