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Umaru and also Her Brother

Responsible Taihei has actually to deal with his lazy little sister, Umaru, who trashes his apartment and throws tantrums to get manga and junk food.


E1 | Umaru and Her Brother

Responsible Taihei has to resolve his lazy small sister, Umaru, who trashes his apartment and throws tantrums to get manga and junk food.


E2 | Umaru and also Ebina

Taihei comes home to a finish stranger: Umaru’s windy face. She’s cleaned the apartment and hidden her games to have the ability to invite she classmate and neighbor, Ebina, over.


E3 | Umaru and also Her Disciple

Umaru’s sulky, glaring classmate, Motoba, has actually unexpectedly presented up at her door… while she’s wearing her hood! Is her an enig out?

E4 | Umaru and Her Rival

Umaru, aka UMR, is a force to be reckoned v in the arcade. She’s invite to take part in a fighting game championship only to bump into her college rival, Tachibana.

E5 | Umaru and also Summer Vacation

Summer vacation way hours at the arcade! Umaru instructs in the fine art of enjoying summer prefer a (lazy) pro. Later, Taihei endures another typical day in ~ work.

E6 | Umaru’s Birthday

Taihei and also Umaru experiment with totally free time and an individual space in their tiny apartment, and also playing “The video game of Life” hits also close to home for them all.

E7 | Umaru’s large Brother

People in his office have actually seen Taihei walking home and also going shopping v a hot girl! His coworker comes over because that a visit to view this so-called “sister” for himself.

E8 | Umaru and also Christmas and brand-new Year"s

In the Doma household, winter way lazy days in ~ the kotatsu! Umaru mirrors on her exciting year while Taihei do the efforts to collection on a promise she made to him.

E9 | Umaru and Valentines

It’s Valentines Day! Kirie burns cookies, Ebina do the efforts to make chocolate, and Umaru proceeds to offload food prepare to Taihei.

E10 | Umaru and also Now and also Once top top a Time

Umaru it s okay sick, yet it’s a great thing her germs space as lazy together she is! Sadly, she germs present her brothers no mercy. Later, Taihei remembers a day at the arcade, 10 years ago.

E11 | Umaru"s everyday Life

Umaru and Ebina find that their appetites match, the board of directors in Umaru’s head furiously debates about the perfect snack, and Taihei tries to gain Kirie excited for summer.

E12 | Umaru and Everyone

In this last illustration of the season, Umaru might have to expose her mystery when her different circles of girlfriend come together throughout a lot anticipated trip to the beach!

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