Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon are on a never ending quest to find out how to suck less at dating and relationships! Help I Suck at Dating teams the Bachelor favorites up with guest cohosts to discover the secrets to a successful relationship. They’ll talk to love experts, psychics, celebrities, and everyone in between that can help make them better partners. It’s “Help I Suck at Dating with Dean, Jared & ...” an urbanbreathnyc.comRadio podcast.

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Dean sets the record straight on his marriage and reveals a shocking discovery about Caelynn since they’ve been overseas. 

Jared and Dean answer all your questions in a raw unfiltered Q&A! And because it’s late at night where Dean is… his answers are spicy!

Plus, Jared shares what scares him most about becoming a father.

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Jared's wife Ashley I joins Dean and Jared to find out what really happened on “F-Boy Island”! 

Casey Johnson tells us the story of how he arrived as an F-Boy and left a “reformed nice guy”.


Fernando Titus shares some behind the scenes drama from making the show and why he thinks nice guys finish last. 

And, Dean might be on his honeymoon??? Dean might be the best F-boy success story!

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We finally know what gender Jared and Ashley are expecting! But the next secret for us to guess is the name of their baby. It’s something Ashley has had picked out for over 20 years!

Dean and Jared answer all your questions about dating, relationships and beyond. Dean reveals that in the past, he’s been “bad at break-ups”. What does this mean??

And is a FaceTime break-up ever acceptable?? When are you allowed to have “the talk” witho...

Jared is back from Ashley’s first ultrasound and the reality of fatherhood is setting in. There’s one big question on everyone’s mind about the bundle of joy and Jared is ready to reveal!

Paulina and Mike from Shahs of Sunset had a very different reality show experience than Dean and Jared and they’re here to set the record straight. 

What do you do when your friends don’t approve of you’re new partner?? Mike and Paulina went through...

Dean and Jared need some spousal support! Caelynn and Ashley join their other halves to reveal some major secrets!

Find out why Caelynn won’t become the new “Mrs. Unglert”. 

Jared and Caelynn confront Dean about an issues that affects everyone close to him.

Plus, Dean and Jared share their honest thoughts on how things ended with Katie and Greg on The Bachelorette!

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Dean and Jared are taking a (virtual) trip to Love Island! Find out why even on Love Island, people still suck at dating.

We check in with some of the contestants, and hear from Cinco who tells us what really went down between him and Cashay. Contestant Javonny reveals the first thing he did when he got voted off (and it involves clippers!)

And Love Island host Arielle opens up about the pressure of the show airing (almost) live. 


How can you tell you’re in a toxic relationship?? Dean and Jared have some tips on how to spot toxic traits in your partner. 

If Kristina Schulman wrote a tell-all book… would she mention Dean? 

And can you be friends with an ex… if it’s not YOUR ex?? Hopefully Dean can share some wisdom before he misses another flight!

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What are you supposed to do on a first date?? The eternal question. Jared shares some helpful tips to make your next first date memorable!

Relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach reveals the signs to know you’re in a healthy relationship. This is CRUCIAL information if you’re dating someone new!

And find out how to prepare your partner before having a tough conversation. 

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Britney and Rachel from “Love After Lockdown” tell Dean and Jared how to find the man of your dreams… even if he’s in a jail cell. 

And, find out exactly how much it would cost for Jared and Ashley to make a sex tape!

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There’s a new member of Bachelor Nation coming soon! Jared answers all the tough questions about his new role as a father, and he gets a few tips along the way!


Find out everything about Jared and Ashley’s bundle of joy!

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A long distance relationship is tough, but have ever wondered what it’s like to date someone in prison?? Dean and Jared talk to Elizabeth Greenwood, who spent years following love and marriages within America’s prison system. You’ll be surprised at what you might learn about your own relationship!

And Jared reveals one of his more intimate “secrets” about something that happened on the golf course. 

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Dean and Jared talk to OB/GYN and health expert Dr. Jessica Shepherd to learn everything you want to know about STDs… but were afraid to ask! Nothing is off limits and both Dean and Jared reveal parts of their sexual history that will shock you!

Does your dating profile need a refresh? Learn how strangers on social media might be the best help for making your profile irresistible. 

And would you help pay for your own engagement ring…...

Has your sex life taken a nose dive during the pandemic? You’re not alone. Dean and Jared share the hard truths about their sex drives and what you can do to spice things up! 

Can you be friends with your ex? Dean and Jared talk to the stars of TLC’s “You, Me and My Ex” and hear how they make their relationship work when an ex is very much still in the picture. 

And, we try to figure out exactly how Nick Cannon has so many kids!!

Dean and Jared learn the ancient art of detecting “douchebag energy” and these simple lessons will help you so much on your next dating app swipe! 

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo helps us understand the meaning of true self worth and how to unlearn negative habits. 

Plus, what would you do if your partner was constantly DMing other people?? 

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Heather Martin is back as our guest cohost! She gets real about the bullying she experienced when she joined Matt James’ season and we hear the real story about how things turned out after the season ended.

You won’t believe why she isn’t in Paradise right now!

And when should you tell your partner your “number”?? Are people EVER honest about this??

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Dean tells us the REAL story about why he’s still in Mexico… and why Nick Viall is involved! 

Would you ever bring a crystal with you on a date for good luck?? We go through the dos and don’ts of dating superstitions

And, are you sick of all the APPS? Well, here's an option that could change your mind. Adam Cohen-Aslatei, founder of the S’More App, created an “anti-superficial” dating experience.

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As an Office superfan, Dean can barely contain himself when Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) joins the show! 

We hear about which pop star is the biggest Office fanatic. And Brian reveals some major behind the scenes secrets from the iconic show! You’ll never believe which cast member he made out with!!

Plus, we have all the info on the ultimatum that Matt James gave Rachael! Will they stay together?? 

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Are age gaps in a relationship okay??? How big can a gap be before it gets weird? 

Did you regret your marriage… right after it happened?? Jared and Dean share their thoughts! 

And Dean explains why a van ride through Mexico, a wedding and the police almost made him miss the podcast!

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Dean is heading back to Paradise! Find out everything about why he’s making a return to the beach! 

Jared and Dean talk to Austin Kevitch (founder of Lox Club) about how to find your perfect match if you’re dating online. 

Plus, if you’re nervous about getting back into the dating scene after quarantine, you’re not alone! Find out how to build your confidence and get back out there! 

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Dean and Jared are back from Ben Higgins’ bachelor party and they’re ready to tell all! Did anything happen that might make some girlfriends upset??

Have you seen the Matthew Perry Raya video?? We’re talking to the woman behind it all! What would you do if an older celebrity messaged you on a dating app??