Why The suicide Squad Brings earlier Harley Quinn’s Red & black Colors The self-destruction Squad director James Gunn explains why the brought earlier Harley Quinn\"s standard black and red costume colors for his brand-new film.

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Here\"s why The self-destruction Squad brought ago Harley Quinn\"s renowned red and black costume shade scheme. The suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn hits theaters this Friday. The film features Margot Robbie reprising the function of Harley Quinn. DCEU fans have loved Robbie\"s portrayal of Harley Quinn ever since her first appearance together Harley in 2016\"s Suicide Squad and the follow up Harley Quinn solo movie in 2020, Birds of Prey. 

While the iconic former psychiatrist turned psycho killer was never seen wearing something red or black color in her first two film appearances, The self-destruction Squad takes her earlier to she television and comic book costume roots. In trailers and also promotional posters because that the film, Harley have the right to be watched wearing a red and black leather jacket, a matching red and also black corset top and also red and also black pants. Her key film outfit appears to it is in a direct callback to her initial red and also black comic book harlequin costume that she wore in Batman: The animated Series, in addition to she appearances in DC comics. Follow to Robbie, Harley Quinn will have actually multiple costume changes in the film.

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James Gunn confirmed that Harley Quinn\"s costume in The suicide Squad was in reality an homage to her original animated series/comic book looks and also her red/black costume shade schemes in video clip game appearances. Gunn\"s freshly participated in a funny fan Q&A via a Twitter takeover of the account Twitter Movies. Read Gunn\"s complete explanation because that bringing a red and black Harley Quinn costume come the huge screen below.

\"I yes, really love the initial \"Harley Quinn.\" It\"s created by Paul Dini. And also from the old man adventures, and from the an extremely early comics and she to be red and black then. And also I favored her look in the \"Injustice\" video games. I thought that to be a yes, really cool look, and also so us took a tiny bit native that. And also at the end of the day we just decided to move it up and use some red and also black and also it felt really good. 

And frankly, also, it to be what probably, the key thing the fans tweeted me about when I got onto the project. People questioning me a lot, \"Will you have Harley earlier in red and also black?\" and also so, I listen to the fans periodically at least, and this was one of them.\"

while it\"s absolutely important for a manager to follow their own vision for a movie and also not simply do a film full of fan demands, it\"s yes, really nice the Gunn did listen to pan on this one detail. Harley Quinn has been a lovely character because that decades, for this reason an homage come her initial costume color is a nice touch because that the highly anticipated film. When both Robbie and also Gunn agreed the Harley Quinn didn\"t need to be The self-destruction Squad\"s main character, it\"s highly likely Robbie\"s return as Harley Quinn will inevitably stealing the display with her zany antics and also Robbie\"s repetitively on-point character portrayal.

Although it\"s still unknown what component Harley Quinn will play in The self-destruction Squad, a behind-the-scenes video clip showed Harley in colorful red dress seemingly on her very own mission in the movie. Gunn has actually remained coy on whether or not he killed Harley Quinn turn off in The suicide Squad. Given her immense popularity through fans, it\"s tough to imagine the Gunn will certainly actually kill her off, yet that\"s the funny behind the mystery of the movie. After ~ all, Gunn to be given free license to kill off any type of character he wanted.

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After The self-destruction Squad premieres worldwide, it stays to be seen what\"s next for Harley. Robbie has actually said that she\"d love come play Harley again, when Gunn has stated he\"d love to do a solo Harley Quinn film. The future that Harley Quinn in the DCEU may be a secret at this point, yet there\"s no doubt that she\"ll return to the large screen one way or another, most likely with a huge gun in hand.

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Source: James Gunn/Twitter Movies

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