What go hard in the paint mean?

Originating in basketball, hard in the paint is a slang expression for offering one’s full effort.

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Hard in the paint comes indigenous basketball slang. In the sport, the paint, also called the key or free litter lane, refers come the rectangular lane under the hoop ~ above a basketball court. It’s frequently shaded or painted (as through team colors), therefore the name, recorded because the 1980s.

Because more shots room made closer come the net, the paint sees a lot of activity in a game, so football player going because that baskets in the paint must be wild in your efforts—or go hard, come use an additional slang phrase.

To go tough in the paint spread from the court come youth slang because that “to offer it one’s best” in the early 2000s, likely as result of the duty of basketball in youth culture.

damn, y'all goin hard in the paint! i can't also keep increase cuz the bishes store callin (i'm at work)

— Victoria (
Kaliente) respectable 26, 2008

at occupational bored and half sleep…i went difficult in the paint over the weekend…

— Ramirez Willis (
remyskee) august 11, 2008

It increased to additional prominence in 2010 as soon as rapper Waka Flocka flame released his monitor “Hard in da Paint,” where he boasts that goes hard in the paint to beat his rivals. The solitary gave the slang expression a substantial boost in famous culture.

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examples of hard in the paint

I was increased on large East basketball. Hard in the paint all work long!
ManishKhatta, in march 8, 2021
It’s going to it is in tough since I’m offered to going difficult in the paint, so come speak. To maintain my voice and because of the scarring, ns going to need to become nearly conversational in my preaching and also teaching, which will certainly be OK.
Rudolph McKissick Jr. Quoted through Destiny McKeiver & Roxy Tyler, WJXT, July 29, 2018

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who uses tough in the paint?

One deserve to go difficult in the paint in a variety of contexts. Athletics. Academics. Extracurriculars. It’s a colorful and also versatile expression for “going every out.”

Teams went tough in the repaint on day 2
CrossFit) might 19, 2018

When you go out through a group of friends and that one girlfriend goes a small too difficult in the paint