Happy 20th Anniversary to Half-A-Mill’s debut album Milíon, initially released may 9, 2000.

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It’s unfortunate that the current young hip-hop audience is enduring the pains of gift deprived of few of their brightest talent.The last couple of years have actually seen the ns of rappers Juice Wrld, XXXtentacion, and Pop Smoke, who were all on the incline of promising careers. Their untimely deaths leave concern marks for fans and mere spectators of what would have actually been, had actually we no been deprived of their artistry therefore early.

Regrettably, this no a new phenomenon. The environments that produce some the the many provocative street tales and also nurture plenty of of our favourite hip-hop narrators are often grim and also turn young stars right into painted encounters on sidewalk murals for neighborhood memorials.

In the early 2000’s, mine friends and I were challenged with the exact same grief as soon as we learned around the lose of a Brooklyn-bred rapper through the name of Half-A-Mill, who passed away in his residence on October 24, 2003.Not a family members name to the masses, yet a formidable emcee nonetheless, he helped include some depth come the sound the East coast hip-hop in ~ the turn of the century, an especially with his debut album Milíon in the year 2000.

Going back to 1997, one of hip-hop’s most anticipated albums was The Firm, a collaboration by the supergroup of Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, and also Nature, created by Dr. Dre, The Trackmasters, and L.E.S. Evaluate from fans and critics to be mixed, the unfavorable perspectives I doubt were because the expectation were sky high for such a star-studded ensemble. Two points I particularly remember stating with mine friends after our first few listens to be the standout performances by the newest enhancement to the group, Nature, and the album’s very last track “Throw her Guns” which featured AZ and also his presumptive protégé Half-A-Mill.

After AZ’s short intro, fifty percent slid top top the Poke and Tone (Trackmasters) track through a confident cadence that made united state all feel favor this can be the new wave in hip-hop.“You got the knowledge? / my brainwaves reason riots in university / scientific research scholar in this world of violence and also dollars / firm rappin’ god, native the projects, the ain\"t tough / from medical allowance cards to platinum cars, mine click is the large.”Just those quick bars alone encompass enough to show that half had that distinct mixture that diction, delivery, and intellect for the makings that a rarely emcee, while additionally leaving united state in an ext suspense that the contents of his luck book, with half providing an additional verse for an excellent measure.

The following time ns remember hearing fifty percent was around six month later, ~ above AZ’s Pieces of a Man (1998), which taken place to it is in the first album by a firm member after your 1997 collaboration.On rather of a posse cut, i m sorry featured AZ and also Nature, half seemed even an ext comfortable for the introspective outing, i m sorry juxtaposed AZ and The Firm’s young name Scorsese-esque street sagas.Half listed what plenty of proclaim to it is in the standout performance, which to be no easy feat for a relative newcomer who had actually to add a verse in between two the the game’s most effortless beat-slayers.Half’s bars “Keep us from simply, unifyin\", organizin\" / we all space fallin\", as soon as we think we all are risin\" / us pop Crist on the horizon / topless chicken wit special thighs and also / I\"d quite be civilizin\" / enterprisin\", improvisin\" / temperature risin\" / Elohim offered me the accuse / called me leaving those 85ers alone, mix wit the way men,” not only included a new dimension to the track but almost the entire civilization of hip-hop at the time.

Thinking ago to 1998, Tupac Shakur’s fatality was tho fresh, leaving a void because that ghetto street prophets who traversedthe rare route where an emcee taken the streets and also seemed to speak from experience and also offered understanding without coming turn off preachy or judgmental.Easing into our so late teens, my friends and also I were familiar with the landmark tasks by windy Enemy and N.W.A, yet we were an ext so the kids of Illmatic and Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z. These to be the seminal albums released throughout our adolescence the reported what we experienced every job in the hood, in addition to the spirituality possibilities of the spiritual alternatives come Sunday church services compelled on united state by ours parents and also grandparents.

Although we were still being presented to Half, in him us were start to recognize with a new voice that lyrical dexterity, that can captivate us through the cinematic Mafioso rhymes that had end up being a staple of East coastline hip-hop, while mixing jewels, in the vernacular of the country of Gods and Earths, Nuwaubians, and Hebrew Israelites that also tugged at our spiritual curiosity.That was among the characteristics I psychic standing the end to me about Half-A-Mill, his versatility between hard-knock street rhymes and also knowledge-of-self wisdom remained in the tradition at an early stage 2Pac, ice Cube, and also Tragedy Khadafi.

Half was likewise incredibly skilled, and rose to the head the his class on the brand-new York City mixtape circuit throughout the late ‘90s.A time as soon as emcees like Fabulous, Cam’Ron, and The LOX were every looking to an outbreak from may be hip-hop’s most prestigious proving ground.Half’s unique lyricism served as the to mark for Tony Touch and also Doo Wop tapes in addition to his appearances ~ above The large Armstrong and also Bobbito Show.It no seem to it is in long before Half’s brand of lyricism would obtain its best exposure, when he added what would become an underground street-anthem because that the popular film Belly’s soundtrack released in so late 1998.The track “Some N***az” is may be Half’s signature performance, a go-to document for his most loyal fans and the simplest to identify for the casual listener.

Half’s next major breakout was including flames come the American relax of the activity film Black Mask.Half was enlisted to fill a roster of promising up-and comers for the movie’s soundtrack, and with his solo performance on the monitor “Fires in Hell” it continued to be clear that half was among the young emcees to watch heading into Y2K.

Upon obtaining his chance to headline a full LP, fifty percent chose “Thug Onez” special the red warm Noreaga, his rhyme companion Musalini, and the legend Kool G. Rap together the lead single.Half’s debut full-length initiative Milíon was released top top the independent label Warlock Records, who may not have actually had large enough of a machine to properly promote fifty percent considering his level of potential.The album has sustained to end up being a treasure for those of us who purchased the in the feather of 2000, together we mental an emcee whose rhymes made friend think of every the methods his job would continue to flourish in the new millennium.My friends and also I quiet cherish the album’s apexes, like lastly hearing the complete version that “Quiet Money” featuring AZ, i beg your pardon we originally heard as a teaser top top the Pieces that a Man LP.

“Don’t go Away” featuring Charisse rose of the R&B duo transforming Faces came best on time for my senior prom and graduation season and was amongst the host of DJ Scratch produced tracks that assisted me and my friends party right into our an initial summer of adulthood.

Half was ahead that the video game in many ways, including having an ear for an excellent production. Milíon taps in simply Blaze for 2 tracks, the aforementioned “Fires in Hell” and “Thug Luv,” if The Neptunes developed “Thug Onez.”Half’s circulation proved basically flawless once picking up the speed to spar v West shore legend spice 1 ~ above “Bounce,” while perfect poised through frequent partners Nature top top “What girlfriend Ridin’” and the young gunner Ali vegas on “Tuff Guy.”

After his debut LP, half would proceed to blaze NYC mixtapes, utilizing his high caliber the craftmanship to push good verses from several of his closest rap associates, namely, AZ, Nature and also Ali Vegas.In 2002, half would relax his sophomore LP Da Hustle don’t Stop, i beg your pardon again walk not obtain its ideal marketing.Much like its predecessor however, Da Hustle shows fifty percent to be a focused and also capable emcee, who skillset to be endless and also entailed storytelling, fast and mid-tempo rhymes, and also could unnoticeably change from thug come lover come professor in the same song if that desired.

Player Hating: A Love Story is an separately released film that adheres to Half-A-Mill and his friends during the making and also release of Milíon, and also serves together a great visual aid of how half was a true artist and also Milíon is one album that marks time for underground NYC hip-hop in 1999 and 2000. The film catches the soot of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the atmosphere that shame a special artist, and also sadly asserted him together with countless others.

As a young teen, half was among the few artists ns truly feeling I might identify with, and also I learned his music to find answers to inquiries I had about myself.There to be an authenticity the seeped v Half’s vocals and exploded from his penmanship, revealing half to be a survivor.His lyrical flexibility helped encourage a real-life adaptability.

Now twenty years old, Milíon is an undiscovered treasure because that many, however once unlocked, it’ll disclose itself to be a survivor’s overview to many who overcame harsh circumstances, throughout a time that uncertainty. Sadly, we pay tribute in memoriam to its author, yet celebrate Milíon for reflecting us exactly how to weaponize being fly, thug, romantic and intellectual either simultaneously or interchangeably come traverse life’s rugged and also unpredictable terrain.

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