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February 14, 2019 Interview: Audiomoe Talks around His new Single/Video "Body Talkin" and How His Moroccan Roots have actually Influenced His Music February 14, 2019/ Carlton Boyd

Audiomoe is a producer/musician/DJ based in Los Angeles that pulls top top his Moroccan roots and also his upbringing in brand-new York and also Miami to produce a global sound. His music has actually been featured in plenty of TV shows and also the 2017/18 Oscars. He additionally recently score the movie ‘Killer Bees’ created by Shaquille O’Neal and also gave a TEDx speak while on tour in Asia.

We connected with the multi-talented and well travel Audiomoe for an exclude, interview to discuss his tremendous Caleb Wheeler-directed music video clip and single “Body Talkin”, which attributes vocals by Flo Marinez, and also dancers, Ashley Dennis, Kristen Katchadourian, Mikki Hernandez, Octavia Bennett, and also Tinisee Kandakai. We also talked v Audiomoe around what that considers to it is in his biggest musical accomplishment, just how he unwinds as soon as not working on music, and also whether we can expect to hear “Body Talkin” on one upcoming EP or album.

After analysis our Q&A v Audiomoe, be sure to present “Body Talkin” on Spotify and also connect with him top top his website and social media.

Congratulations ~ above the relax of your brand-new single/video "Body Talkin". Call us about how the song itself to be created and also why you determined to shoot a video clip for it.

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This song was fairly a journey! I initially wrote the music for my friend’s project in Australia. One of the civilization I occupational with right here in LA love it and also asked for a vocal so i got together with a longtime co-writer and also close girlfriend in NY and also we composed a short demo. That finished up gaining placed in a Neutrogena commercial and blew up digital so we made it a full-length track. Shortly after we released that track the manager of the video, Caleb Wheeler, reached out around collaborating on a video. He sent over his reel and I was blown away. Us talked concepts and next point I understand we’re out in the desert shooting with an exceptional cast and also crew. I’m still in awe that all these crazy talented civilization came with each other for this video.

Can we expect to listen "Body Talkin" on an upcoming EP or album this spring or summer? If so, what can you phone call us around it?

Yes! I’m working on new tunes with the co-writer of human body Talkin and we have actually some exceptional vocalists inside wall up. It’s going to increase on the sound of body Talkin with civilization rhythms and a great melody.

You’re right now based in Los Angeles but your roots go earlier to Morocco. How would friend say the your Moroccan culture influences the music you make now?

It’s deep ingrained in me particularly from a rhythmic perspective. Mine parents played so lot Moroccan music as soon as I was a kid and those rhythmic fads appealed come me young. I began playing the drums at 12 and loved playing along to all those records.

You"ve achieved a lot in your music career therefore far, including the scoring that movie entitled ‘Killer Bees’, and you offered a TEDx speak while on tour in Asia. What would certainly you personally say has been her biggest success thus far?

Oh wow it is tough... Ns really feeling so lucky... Scoring the movie has a special location in my heart since it’s the very first movie i scored former to ago and the directors really provided me full an innovative license. It was truly one of the biggest music experience of my career.

What do you remember around the first song girlfriend produced? would you speak that any elements from that production are still present in your music now?

Ha, more than likely that it to be awful... I’m a drummer very first and foremost so i play every instrument from a rhythmic place and remember many of my early stuff had actually a the majority of bounce to it. That’s something I simply naturally do and also it’s in most everything I write.

What perform you do to relax and also unwind as soon as you room not in the record studio or traveling because that music associated tasks?

I don’t gain too lot down time since I’m likewise in a band called Hirsh and have another project with an amazing singer named Elijah Jamal but when I find the time i love cooking. The typical thread in my household is humor and also food and I’m always scheming up some crazy new dish to cook for mine lady & friends!