Guns N" Roses just announced they"ll perform at battle Memorial stadium on Saturday, Aug. 5, as part of their no In This life time tour.

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The rock icons are setup out ~ above the summer tour across North America, reuniting founder Axl Rose and former members Slash and Duff McKagan after months of rumor buzz. The show will likewise feature special guest Sturgill Simpson.

Tickets go on revenue to the general public at 10 a.m. Top top Saturday, June 3, or youcan get a head begin with Citi presale beginning at 10 a.m. ~ above Tuesday, may 30, andAT&T customer presale in ~ 10 a.m. On Thursday, June 1.


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Oct 21 "The great Gatsby" through Ballet Arkansas

Oct 21 six Bridges book Festival held by the main Arkansas Library System

Oct 21 history is Served: Arkansas Foodways Dinner series benefiting the historical Arkansas Museum

Oct 21 Hawgs for a reason benefiting Arkansas Enterprises because that the Developmentally Disabled

Oct 21 James H. Fribourgh Awards Reception v UA small Rock


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