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"The points That I supplied to Do" is a 12-bar blues tune written by etc Slim. He taped it in brand-new Orleans, whereby the young beam Charles arranged and produced the session. Specialty records released the track as a single in 1953 and became a bestseller the adhering to year. Specialty founder art Rupe believed that the appeal would be limited to the southerly U. S. Landscape audience. However, city rhythm and also blues radio station in the North began airing the song and built it into a nationwide hit. together a result, etc Slim came to be in good demand together a performer and played in ~ venues such together the Apollo theater in brand-new York City. The solitary was one of the best hits in Specialty"s background and continued to be on the Billboard"s Rhythm and Blues documents charts for 42 weeks. The song remained at number one for six weeks and was the best-selling R&B record of the year, selling an ext than a million copies. "The things That I provided to Do" came to be a often recorded blues standard; a rendition by James Brown got to the Billboard warm 100 singles chart in 1964.more »

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The things that I used to doLord, i won"t carry out no moreThe points that I supplied to doLord, ns won"t carry out no moreI provided to sit and also hold her hand, babyCrying, begging you not to goI would certainly search all night for you, babyLord, and also my find would constantly end in vainI would search all night because that you, babyLord, and my find would constantly end in vainBut i knew all along, darlingThat you to be hid out v your various other manI"m going come send you ago to your mother, babyLord, and also I"m going earlier to mine family, tooI"m going come send you earlier to her mother, babyLord, and I"m going earlier to mine family, too"Cause nothing I perform that please you, babyLord, I simply can"t get in addition to you

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etc Slim Eddie Jones (December 10, 1926 – February 7, 1959), better known as guitar Slim, was a new Orleans blues guitarist, indigenous the 1940s and also 1950s, best known because that the million-selling song, developed by Johnny Vincent at Specialty Records, "The points That I supplied to Do". It is a tune that is listed in The Rock and Roll hall of Fame"s 500 Songs the Shaped Rock and Roll.

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Slim had a significant impact top top rock and also roll and experimented with distorted overtones ~ above the electric guitar a complete decade prior to Jimi Hendrix. Much more »