Today, I’m excited come share this totally free printable guess how countless kisses game. The is a an easy game wherein guests have to guess the quantity of kisses in a container in stimulate to win a prize!

I actually have actually a funny story around playing the guess how countless kisses video game at my own bridal shower.

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Two of mine bridesmaids had planned every one of the gamings and tasks that were going to be played at mine shower. They set up a supervisor fun equivalent game, an awesome photo booth, part trivia games and of food the guess how countless kisses game.

The 2 bridesmaids I’m referring to room actually sisters. So once they were placing together the supplies necessary for my bridal shower, lock took their dad’s large, overlapping martini glass as the container for the Herhey’s kisses.

Everything walk great, my guests guessed how countless kisses, someone winner a prize, we had actually a great time! and then the bridal shower to be over. It come time come clean up and also head home. Mine bridesmaid had actually picked up the martini glass, do the efforts to ar it tenderness on an additional table however accidentally dropped it. It shattered and also there was glass everywhere!

It to be funny in the moment, till she revealed that her dad didn’t recognize they took the glass. She then went digital to shot and buy a instead of large, overlapping martini glass, to bring home prior to her dad would notice.

To this particular day I’m in reality still not certain if he ever before knew what happened to that initial martini glass!

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What is the guess: v how countless kisses game?

It is exactly what it sound like! Simply ar a big amount that Hershey Kisses into a big container. (You have the right to buy Hershey Kisses in bulk here). I think this large glass jar would certainly look great at a bridal shower. Set up the container ~ above a table through the printable sign and also a ridge of the guessing cards.

The printable sign will trim down to 8×10 inches. This renders the authorize a perfect dimension to placed in a pretty snapshot frame.

Tell every guest come come up to the table and also take their guess on how many kisses space in the container. In ~ the finish of the bridal shower, you have the right to reveal the exactly number. The human being who has the the next answer without going over, can win a prize or will gain to take house the jug of kisses! I recognize I would personally LOVE to have the ability to take residence a vast container the Heshey’s kisses!

The printable sign document is collection up to publish on a standard 8.5×11 customs pice of record or cardstock. The pdf consists of guidelines come trim down the authorize to 8×10 inches.

The cards are accessible in 2 sizes. 5×7 inches and an 8.5×11 inch page which will certainly trim under to 4 5.5×4.25 customs cards. For all of the printables ns would absolutely recommend to press on a white cardstockif you have actually some ~ above hand. Or, print onlight brown kraft paper for a more rustic look would look really an excellent as well!.

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I personally usage this paper cutter to make certain all my trim lines are as right as possible. It gets a ton of use on a everyday basis and also I have the right to highly recommend it!

Feel complimentary to download and also print as many duplicates of the guess: v how countless kisses video game as you would certainly like. However, please do not modify or redistribute the records in any type of way. This game was developed for an individual use only.

Guess how plenty of kisses sign(8.5×11 customs pdf which trims under to 8×10)


5×7 customs card(Prints one card per page)


8.5×11 customs file(Prints 4 5.5×4.25 inch cards per page)


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Guess how many kisses sign

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5×7 inch guess how countless kisses cards

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8.5×11 inch guess how countless kisses cards ( 4 cards per page)

Download the 8.5×11 inch guess how plenty of kisses cards paper here