Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap that Grown-ish Season 4 episode 5 – “A young IS A GUN”. After ~ an unarmed Black guy is shooting by police, the crew reaction in different ways come the news. Kiela and also Doug target heads as soon as she wants to use his party come raise awareness.

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On Grown-ish Season 4 illustration 5, as soon as Marcus Jennings is shot by the police while unarmed and also jogging in his own neighborhood in Virginia, the event goes famous at Cal U and also all end the world. When Zoe and Aaron, Ana and Nomi, Jazz and Vivek, and Luca and Kiela every share their anger at the lack of justice on social media… Doug’s reaction (or absence thereof) stirs increase a heated conversation within the group. 

While many of the group shares their anger and sadness via society media, Doug posts about a VIP party he and Luca space hosting at their loft. This doesn’t go over well with Kiela, Luca’s little sister, and a freshman at Cal U who Doug has serious chemistry with. She confronts Doug and asks him to turn the party into a fundraiser and also awareness occasion for Marcus Jennings’ death. Doug claims no – citing that the party is a ar for anyone to forget every little thing horrible it is going on and also that her short articles aren’t going to have any effect either way. 

Angry at Doug’s response, and at the injustice of yet one more murder, Kiela goes roughly him and enables anyone into the party for complimentary who will sign a petition to arrest the cops who eliminated Marcus Jennings. Doug, whose plan was to do money charging twenty dollars a person, goes head come head with Kiela who tells that the party is in her brother’s loft, which her father pays because that – and also that she doesn’t require his permission because that anything. Yes girl! 

Luca and also Doug argue once Doug learns that Luca okayed Kiela’s petition, and also when Luca tells him the assumed he would certainly be down to support the reason of an unarmed black man, Doug tells him he isn’t. Confused by this, Aaron asks Doug why the wouldn’t want to help, and also Doug cases that the doesn’t want to destroy people’s the atmosphere by “making the party about some negative Black kid who got shot through the cops.”


Nomi, Jazz, and also Vivek talk about police brutality on Grown-ish Season 4 illustration 5

At this point, the conversation between Aaron, Luca, Kiela, and Doug is obtaining heated, and also Kiela accuses Doug not just of being disrespectful yet a “bad black person.” Overhearing this, Zoe, Nomi, and also Jazz sign up with in and also the team discusses exactly how white human being would never ever worry around being “bad white people” since the system is built for them to succeed. Doug concerns Aaron and tells that he never gets affiliated because he knows he can’t readjust anything. Shocked in ~ his cynicism, Aaron claims that if their ancestors had actually that attitude, they wouldn’t even be discussing it at Cal U in the an initial place! Unmoved, Doug cases that none of black color people’s “freedom” even matters if lock still have a target on their backs. Simply then, the TV broadcast announces that both of the cops who eliminated Marcus Jennings will certainly go on payment leave, and have no dues filed against them. 

Meanwhile, Ana and also Javi have actually repaired their rather tumultuous relationship, and she happily mirrors off the watch he gained her to celebrate their anniversary finish with her initials engraved top top the back. Vivek is easing earlier into drinking, and later Ana finds out it was him, no Javi who found and suggested the watch because that her. Pretending come be it s okay to Javi’s face, Ana later on tells Vivek she’s upset due to the fact that she believed her boyfriend knew her much better than anyone… when really Vivek does. Always the trusty finest friend, Vivek tells Ana come think of that in a an ext positive light, Javi want to do her happy therefore badly, that enlisted the help of her friend to discover her the perfect gift. This prompts Ana to go ‘properly thank’ Javi, by offering him what Vivek think the gesture is worth – “oral in the El Camino.”

Later, post-verdict and when everyone has actually left the party, Doug mirrors up in ~ Kiela’s dorm to check on her. She apologizes for laying into him in ~ the party, and tells him she’s embarrassed to think she could ever do an impact, and also that he was right. Doug tearfully tells she he doesn’t want to be right, and opens up about how fear he is every job – and that as with Marcus Jennings someday he can be eliminated while the end on a operation in his neighborhood. He speak her the he pushes his feelings around the problems to the back of his mental so the he isn’t paralyzed through fear and that’s why he doesn’t write-up or talk about it. See him therefore distraught, Kiela is moved, and also she kisses him! 

After talking v Kiela, Doug mirrors up come Aaron’s dorm and also tells the – “Forget everything I claimed bro, it’s time to push back.” 

What pushback will we check out from the Grown-ish squad next episode? will romance blossom between Kiela and Doug? What around Jazz? continue to be tuned for next week’s episode recap “Put her Hands wherein My Eyes can See” right below on Celebrity Myxer.

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Air Date: respectable 5, 2021

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