Oct. 22, 2019, 12:15 p.m. This post has to be updated to encompass a an answer from urbanbreathnyc.com’s on facebook marketing partner.

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Facebook will remove gray confirmation badges from organization pages starting October 29, so save this in mental if you’re scoping out an advertising agency. Facebook has not however announced this adjust in its newsroom page, yet the an alert appears above users’ company pages.

According come a statement by a facebook representative to Marketing Land, the social media gigantic is do the readjust based top top feedback from customers who were unsure the the objective of gray confirmation badges.

“Based ~ above feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other means for businesses to display their authenticity ~ above Facebook,” claimed the on facebook spokesperson come Marketing Land.

When asked about the change, AdvertisMint’s facebook marketing partner defined users’ uncertainty to communicate with pages v gray verification badges.

We’ve heard from customers they periodically hesitate to connect with a gray-badged web page on Facebook, as they’re not quite sure what it means. For this reason, we’re removing the visual cue (gray checkmark alongside the surname of the Page). “

Users uncover Facebook’s explanation of the blue and also verification badges to it is in confusing.

While gray verification badges will certainly be phased out starting October 29, blue verification badges will certainly still remain. Although it is unclear whether company page owners will now need to use for blue verification badges, urbanbreathnyc.com’s facebook marketing companion predicts the blue verification badges to only be easily accessible to renowned brands, public figures, and organizations the are frequently searched for.

According come the notification announcing the change, on facebook is “working on better ways to display that Pages are authentic,” a hint the the society media company is detect a solution, perhaps a replacement, because that the shed gray confirmation badges. In the meantime, facebook recommends that page owners follow ideal practices to optimize because that visibility and also engagement, consisting of completing your pages’ profiles, consisting of up-to-date information, and providing the correct contact information.

The Repercussions

With gray verification badges gone, pages for businesses and organizations will shed the credibility crucial at a time when Facebook is rife with scams. Inauthentic profiles claiming to work for authentic businesses and also agencies are currently a popular and persistent hoax. These scammers allege come be employee at a company or agency, inquiry admin accessibility to organization Manager or web page accounts, then remove the initial owner’s access.

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Verification badges distinguish the fakes native the actual Facebook pages, and removing those badges will blur the lines in between the authentic and inauthentic. Hopefully on facebook will open eligibility because that blue verification badges to businesses and organizations, and also hopefully the social media firm will provide a solution soon.