Staff Sergeant Charles E. Grant (1922 - 1984) was a non-commissioned officer through Easy Company type of, second Battalion, 506th Parachute Infanattempt Regiment, in the 10first Airborne Division of the USA Military in the time of World War II. Grant was shown in the HBO miniseries Band also of Brothers by Nolan Hemmings.

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Grant was born in 1922 in Pennsylvania. He completed four years of high institution and graduated. After graduation, he had actually an occupation in fabrication of metal commodities. Chuck enprovided via the paratroopers on August 18, 1942 in Los Angeles, his hometown.

Military service

Grant trained at Camp Toccoa under Herbert Sobel. Like many of the males from Easy Company kind of, he made his initially combat jump on D-Day as part of the Allied invasion of France. On September 19, 1944, in the Netherlands, he was wounded while helping to destroy an 88mm gun.

During December 1944 and also January 1945, Easy Company kind of and the remainder of the 10first Airborne Division combated in Belgium in the Battle of the Bulge. The 10first remained in France in December when the Germans launched their offensive in the Ardennes and also were transported by truck to the site. On the various other hand also, Grant was on leave in London and also had to parachute into Bastogne so he can sign up with his comrades.

In Austria, Grant was named second platoon Staff Sergeant. In July 1945, while driving a jeep with two members of second platoon, Grant came throughout a number of dead soldiers: 2 Germans, a British major, and the major"s driver. A drunken replacement from "I" Company kind of had shot them, and Sergeant Grant was shot in the head when he challenged the guy and attempted to disarm him. Grant made it through bereason of the quick actions of Ronald Speirs and Jack Foley, who ruburned him to an help station. The medic tbelow told them that Grant would certainly not endure. However, Speirs, not willing to lose Grant, loaded him on a jeep and drove to Saalfelden, wbelow he discovered a Germale brain surgeon who had the ability to operate. At first the physician believed procedure would be usemuch less as Grant would sucount die from the shock of procedure. Herman "Hack" Hanson, Grant"s ideal friend, intimidated the medical professional through his gun, and the medical professional inevitably operated and saved Grant"s life. The medical professional was amazed and also sassist Grant was the toughest male he had actually ever before checked out.

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Later years

Grant reextended gradually from the gunswarm wound to his head, and he periodically had actually some difficulties talking and also his left arm was partially paralyzed. He lived in San Francisco, owning a little tobacco shop. He attended numerous of the Easy Company type of reunions through his wife and also came to be 50sixth Parachute Infantry Regiment"s representative in the 10first Airborne association. He died in 1984.