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Q 17 - a. Usual resources. Excludable Non excludable Rival Private goods Typical resources Non rival Cl…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: QUESTION 17 Goods that are rival in consumption yet not excludable would be considered Oa.widespread sources b. public products. Oc. club products. Od. exclusive products. QUESTION 18 Governments have the right to approve private home legal rights over resources that were previously perceived as public, such as fish or elephants. Why would certainly governments want to perform so? a. to fight poverty b. to prevent overusage c to boost consumption d. to decrease taxes QUESTION 19 Governments deserve to boost sector outcomes for a. neither public goods nor widespread sources, b. both public goods and also prevalent resources. c. public products but not widespread resources. d.prevalent resources yet not public items. to sate allantes Ick Save and also submit to conserve and also suit Click Save All Ar Inquiry Completion Status: QUESTION 20 If the government decides to build a new highway, the first action would certainly be to conduct a examine to recognize the worth of the project. The study is dubbed a O a budobtain evaluation. Ob.cost-benefit analysis. c. reimbursement analysis. d. project evaluation. QUESTION 21 Producers have little incentive to develop a public great bereason a. the social benefit is much less than the personal benefit. b. tbelow is a Tragedy of the Commons. c. the social advantage is less than the social price. d. there is a free-rider problem. QUESTION 22 The U.S. federal government protects fish, a prevalent resource, by a. subsidizing the fishing sector. b. greatly taxing completing sectors. c. selling fishing licenses and also regulating fish lengths, d. Namong the above is correct. SON QUESTION 23 The distinction between social expense and private cost is a meacertain of the Oa.price of an externality. Ob. loss in profit to the seller as the result of an adverse externality. Oc. cost reduction as soon as the negative externality is removed. Od.cost incurred by the federal government when it intervenes in the sector. QUESTION 24 The gasoline taxation a. have the right to be viewed as a command-and-regulate policy aimed at discouraging people from driving. b. deserve to be regarded as a corrective taxation aimed at multiple negative externalities linked through driving. c. produces the unfortunate side-result of making the roadways more dangerous. d. is comparable to most other taxes in that it causes deadweight losses. QUESTION 25 Tradable pollution permits a. are extensively regarded as a cost-effective way to reduce contamination. b. have aided minimize carbon egoals in Canada. chave aided minimize sulhair dioxide egoals in the United States. d. All of the above are correct.