American fear Story: Freak present may be recognized for the twisted stories and also psychotic masking killer clowns, but the present season additionally boasts an superior musical resume. There have actually been some absolutely remarkable covers created this season, and with the voice that Hollywood star Jessica Lange behind them, one would expect them to it is in fantastic. Lange has made a career v her voice, and also the show"s creators were way to usage Freak display as a means to present her talent come a brand-new generation.

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The covers have been very successful at producing buzz around the display so far, and also the inert doesn"t seem to it is in slowing down at all. Lange"s latest cover, Lana Del Rey"s "Gods and Monsters," is somehow both calming and also eerie at the exact same time.

Originally, the track debuted during this previous week"s illustration of Freak Show, yet it wasn"t long prior to a couple of Tumblr users were may be to post the track online. While the embedded video clip above doesn"t in reality feature any video, that hardly demands it: while Freak Show"s signature twisted visuals would many certainly add something come the experience, the song alone manages to do an impact without any type of sort of visual aid.

The "Gods and also Monsters" sheathe is just the recent in Freak Show"s growing directory of music reinterpretations. Previously, Lange also covered David Bowie"s hit "Life ~ above Mars," while other Freak present cast member sarah Paulson carry out Fiona Apple"s "Criminal." given that Paulson plays both halves of a conjoined twin, her cover might have been among the few times where an actress performs both halves the a duet.

If the covers continue to be of such high quality, it"s straightforward to imagine the performances coming to be a legacy on American fear Story: Freak Show. Considering the talent that the production team has on hand, it"d it is in a waste to stop recording the songs now. Currently, it"s unknown just how many an ext covers viewers have the right to expect to view this season; with any luck, the remaining songs will be as entrancing and disconcerting together the ones viewers have currently seen.

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American horror Story: Freak present airs Wednesdays in ~ 10 top top FX.

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