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Hard. This would have been a full boss ranking have they not decided to pump eighty percent of the roster full of ancient spirit and dowdy clones. But this is better anyway because we re gonna be in the permanent company of ladies tonight. Yeah.

Kratos ai. N t the only one with a leviathan in his hand right now let s get it on story spoilers incoming. This is uh normal mode by the way it might be kinky. But i m no masochist and changing the difficulty probably wouldn t change the order around anyway.

They d all just get equally harder. Let s get it on number one gunner. The easiest valkyrie in god of war is gunner. The first one you re introduced to gunner is the combat foundation for all future valkyrie encounters.

She introduces the basic wing attacks that will be shared by all her cohorts. Consider this your warmup slash gear quality test. Because struggling against gunner is a doomsday prophecy for the rest of your fights. The walker wing combos with your shield and then don t block her unblockable wing jab.

Which is unblockable because fuck if i know it s just a jab kratos. The greek god of war can t block a jab from a hawk with tits is norse mythology just a whole other league. I m out of my element sidestep those attacks and parry her parables then follow up with a combo of your own. While mashing square.

So atreus can feel like he s in the fray. Too even though valkyries don t target him ever. I mispronounce names as i see fit a trace just makes him sound like a basketball player like if his name was lott reyes..


You d be like is that the center for the lakers. More like lakers of the nine am i right norse mythology basketball joke check who is this guy i like it number two cara too bad. These bosses are drawn anime style. I d really enjoy that the order you fight these valkyries in is going to be completely different than me probably but cara was like the fifth one i beat and it s a big difficulty step down from some of her fellow vanguard cara.

Adds. Some aerial attacks to the mix by throwing her little mini. Galactic. Donuts at you blood borne callback.

When there s multiple scrambling out you block them since you can t dodge. And when she flashes red up there. She s throwing some mega donuts that can t be blocked her main gimmick. Though that is unique only to her is her ability to spawn draugur.

Which i think makes the fight easier since mass chain blading them can drop health potions for you all the valkyries drop potions intermittently as you damage them. But this is even more of a bonus. Number three old run old run is a quick little bugger remember that unblockable jab from before that s pretty much all this chick does only you have even less time to react. Because she dashes toward you whether from across the room.

All day as annoying as that sounds as you get used to where you ll start to anticipate it better. Which will give you plenty of openings. Now and has an aerial diving attack. But she only did it once during this fight for some reason suffice to say you should probably dodge.

When you see or shoot up into the sky or kratos is about to get stiletto curb stomped in the neck. Which is probably the woman leius tway to kill someone getting your neck snap. Three times with a high heel is a sexy way to go not gonna lie. Although my son s screaming kind of ruins the mood speaking of sun screaming atreus needs to shut the fuck up saying watch out every 10 seconds like bitch my shield is up and the enemy is in front of my face.

I am watching out why don t you go back to running around like anyone s trying to attack you and toss the real man. Some health potions when i need them punk ass. Baby god more like a half giant pain of my dick number for roda now if you re looking for aerial shenanigans rhoda is your girl..


But not like your girl. She d be very clear on that probably rhoda does the afro mention next top moves super prominently this time around. I call her dorothy. Because she ll clicker heels together three times and say.

There s no place like the inside of your esophagus in addition to this she has some soaring attacks. You need to dodge three times before you can go to town on her landing. But which is the closest this god of war comes to a sex scene unless. I missed something get ready to dodge a lot a lot rota requires good focus.

But when you master avoiding her stuff. You get a lot of openings. Number 5. Hildur hilda is the most annoying fight to prepare for being in niffleheim.

Where the curse. Fog is constantly gassing you until you die create your own holocaust joke and insert it right there. I m wearing two pieces of the ivaldi armor set that increases your resistance to the curse. As well as an enchantment that greatly reduces.

It which you can get if you open the back left chest in the rift room for 2500 missed echoes. And that provides more than enough time for me to kick this frosty. Bitches ass hildur herself is one of the easier valkyries her gimmick is a barrage of ice that is easily blocked followed by bigger ice chunky needs a sidestep otherwise. She s a bit more perea both in your average lady.

And you ll have yourself a relatively easy time as long as you don t let the hourglass run out it refills when you beat her. But then you get to waste 20. Percent of it picking up all our loot hope you re not a slow reader number 6. Gondol.

If you re in your own game. Chugging along to this point you get how valkyries work by now when gondol mixes it up just a little bit to throw you off for like two attacks. Before you adjust to the new patterns and take her out her flaming meteors are the most pointlessly easy attacked a dodge of anything..


I ve seen so far. And her version of the heel stomp dive is more telegraphed than usual. But she retains many of the threatening moves of her sisters as well so she s still a force to be mildly respected. I haven t talked about the blinding flash attack yet so mash x and roll away from that shit.

When you see it coming. And then sidestep the follow up strike. Which will either leave her open or give you a massive concussion. If you get hit by it.

The fact that you had to kill a hundred enemies in one round for one of the sword challenges just to get here is bs by the way. That s like a 30 minute affair gondol gets second place for most annoying to reach valkyrie number 7 err err introduces the get fucked attack which is where she rises up into the air and doesn t unavoidable. Unless you re on the complete. Other side of the room.

A a we that is very painful when you see her fly up in the air. It s a great time to throw your axe at her because it s also worth mentioning that every valkyrie that does aerial attacks can be knocked out of an aerial attack with an axe throw. This will stunner and let you sprint up recall your axe and beat. The crap out of her til next.

Time. This is why i only use the leviathan axe on every valkyrie. Except cora because if you re too far away for your chaos. Blades to reach you can t hit them out of the air.

Sometimes and that is bad air has a big old lady boner for the stunning and blinding attacks. Which makes her harder than most of her brethren because she focuses on the valkyries best attacks. So you re always in the most danger number. 8.

Geared riffle of all the names that s probably the worst geared. Riffle plays like your garden variety valkyrie encounter until she jumps up into the air and blankets the field in a thick smog. Which is actually just you being blinded..


But that s how they choose to represent it regardless you can t see shit and when you want to dodge slash block of valkyries attacks you need to see shit. If you re super fast when you see or fly up to active that move you can throw an x with ninja reflexes to knock her down before she pulls it off it s this trick and only this trick that makes this boss fight manageable. I tried a dozen times to beat her before i knew i could do that and the blindness was just devastating. She was the second one i ever faced and i had to quit and learn more tactics from other fights before i came back and saved her for last geared riffle geared rifle sounds like if your girlfriend is like am i beautiful and then you re like no.

But you re geared riffle and then she s like what the fuck is that and you re like i don t know should we break up number 9 sig run duff the queen of valkyries. The hardest valkyrie in god of war is sig run sig run takes every attack. You ve encountered and puts them all together with a massive health bar. She can chain any attacks.

She wants into any other attack and can do combos with as many or as few hits as she feels like the opening. You got the first time. She did something might not be there the second your only chance at victory is to be really really really really good and make almost no mistakes ever needless to say i haven t beaten her my best attempt got her down to half health. My gear has me at level 7.

But my axe is still level. 5 as if i m ever going back to niffleheim to get that final upgrade material. I will never visit that god s forsaken place again. I don t feel like i need to be any stronger.

I just can t outlast her someday. Though maybe never i do give up easily like all valkyries cig run is just as vulnerable to being knocked out of the sky with your axe. So do that whenever you can if you still can t win. Just take solace in the fact that you re just like me.

And me is a great thing to be well that s gonna do for this boss rank. And i hope you enjoyed it i have others for games. Like the soul series blood borne neo kingdom. Hearts cup head hollow knight salt and sanctuary so dive in also i do tons of other great things so like share and subscribe and i ll see ” .

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