Between killing trolls, punching The Stranger, and also trying to be a great parent, Kratos is walking to need to find legendary chests during his journey with God of War. Legend chests contain every little thing from brand-new Runic capability to new armor, so it’s precious spending some time tracking castle down.

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All legendary Chest Locations


Legendary chests room ornate golden chests through red highlights, not to be perplexed with the silver chests that have the same appearance. There are a few golden chests that look prefer legendary chests (and for all intents and purposes are) through the only distinction being they room quest-specific. There space 34 legendary chests to it is in found across three key realms, v some extras that are quest-specific.

It goes without saying, yet I’ll to speak it anyway, this guide contains substantial spoilers in order come accurately describe where chests space located and also how to unlock them. If you have actually not played with the game, look away currently or tread lightly.

All legendary Chests in Midgard – 26

There space 26 legend chests come be found in Midgard. These are scattered throughout each of the regions, v some just being obtainable after specific points in the story.

Thamur’s Corpse

This is a unique legendary chest in that it is not consisted of in the 26 chests listed in Midgard, despite it is exceptionally worth finding. If you carry out not collection it while you space in the region, there"s a great chance friend won"t be able to make your means back there if you leaving it also late in the story - this is why it"s appropriate up the peak here despite being a late-game legend chest.


Legendary Chest 0 – blessings of the Frost hefty Runic Attack

A legend chest deserve to be uncovered as you progression through the key quest, The Magic Chisel. Continue along the main route until you fulfill Sindri and also have to explode the Shock Crystals top top the braids of the giant. Kratos will enter a room with a Traveler that should be killed. This room has a sword hanging indigenous the ceiling and also a huge block. Relocate the large block back slightly and hit the sword to turn it. Rise the block and also jump come the sword, climb it and then jump under to the ledge to find the legend chest.

The River pass – 5

Legendary Chest 1 – Hel’s Touch irradiate Runic Attack

This legendary chest deserve to be discovered right after Atreus gets struck by one icy blue monster, quickly after Atreus comment on a Jotnar settlement ahead. Stick to the right-hand side and also follow the course around, Atreus might even speak to out its existence.


Legendary Chest 2 – Talisman of concentrated Vitality

A legend chest have the right to be discovered in The river Pass during the second mission, route to the Mountain, shortly after meeting the Witch. The chest is easily uncovered by starting at the Witch’s house and walking down the wooden path and also looking to the right. Kratos will need to jump throughout two gaps to with the legendry chest.


Legendary Chest 3 – Storm of the Elks Runic Summon

This legendary chest is trapped in ~ rubble beside the Witch’s residence in The flow Pass. Rise the nearby chain and follow the path to the end to offer Atreus a watch of the markings, then walk to the sand to turning back time, rebuilding the structure and releasing the legendary chest. There is additionally a Nornir chest adjacent that have the right to be unlocked if you have actually the correct abilities. Inspect out our guide,all Nornir chest places in God of war to help find and solve them all.


Legendary Chest 4 – Rampage that the Furies light Runic Attack

This legend chest is surprise behind a door listed below the Witch’s hut in The flow Pass. It have the right to only be accessed by using the Wind that Hel ability. Ferry the fee from the peak of the wooden platforms under to the reduced level. Clear the black color vines and also push the block halfway along, then run and also jump throughout the space while moving the fee to unlock the door, releasing the legend chest.

Legendary Chest 5 – killing of Crows Runic Summon

Another legend chest is hidden below the Witch’s residence in The flow Pass and also can only be accessed by utilizing the Winds of Hel ability. Take it the wind indigenous the top of the cavern down come the lower section, push the block across, and also stand near the sand. Clear the wood from the arch ~ above the cavern roof so Atreus deserve to read the answer. With the sand riddle solved, the totality platform will lower – turn about to see the legendary chest in the wall where the communication was as soon as raised.

Shores of nine – 1

Legendary Chest 6 – Weightless war Handles Rare blades Pommel

Another legendary chest have the right to be found on the lower levels that Tyr’s holy place in the center of the Lake the Nine. As soon as the water is lower a 2nd time, the legend chest can be found about the perimeter covered in black color vines, use the correct equipment to clear the blockage.

Iron Cove – 1

Legendary Chest 7 – fog of Helheim heavy Runic Attack

Another legendary chest have the right to be situated in the south-west side of Lake of ripe in the stole Cove, close to the island v a crashed delivery on it. In ~ the earlier of this island is a locked stone door v runes above it, friend must situated the runes around the island, and cost-free them from rock if need be, and match them to the door. One is turn off the side of the cliff, under a ravine. Another is ~ above one side of the ship. The final is top top the various other side of the damaged ship.

Isle of death – 2

Legendary Chest 8 – Ymir’s Breath rare Axe Pommel

This legend chest is located in the south-west the the Lake of ripe on the Isle that Death. Do your way to the height of the island, get in through the broken ship, and use the zip-line to reach the chest below.

Legendary Chest 9 – Explosive Grips the Fire Legendary chisels Pommel

To find this legendary chest, girlfriend will need to head to the Isle of death to the south-west of the Lake of Nine and also make your way to the height of the small island there. At the height is a legendary chest stuck in black color vine bramble, you will need to have actually made your means through the main quest a far ways prior to you can unlock this chest.

Fafnir’s Storeroom – 1

Legendary Chest 10 – Wrath that the Frost ancient Light Runic Attack

A legend chest deserve to be found in the final room in Fafnir’s Storeroom, one area the is located on the north-west next of the Lake the Nine. This deserve to only it is in accessed as part of the Favor, Fafnir’s Hoard. Kratos will have to fight through 4 rooms the increasingly an overwhelming enemies to reach the final room, so it’s a great idea to perform this as soon as Kratos is approximately level 5.

Konunsgard – 1

Legendary Chest 11 – Prometheus Flame heavy Runic Attack

A legendary chest deserve to be located after clearing Konunsgard, an area that can only be accessed as component of the quest, Hail come the King, a Favor for Brok and Sindri. After ~ retrieving the 3 mythical items, follow the path approximately the waterfall to check out the legendary chest sit on the leaf of the cliff.

Light Elf outpost – 1

Legendary Chest 12 – bitterness Squirrel Runic Summon

A legendary chest can be uncovered on the light Elf outpost island to the phibìc of the Lake the Nine once it has actually been drained a second time. Reaching this legendary chest needs a lot of work, together Kratos and Atreus need to navigate the island, unlocking Light crystal bridges, and moving crystals around.

Stone falls – 2

Legendary Chest 13 – gold Talisman of defense Rare Tasliman

A legendary chest is located in the north-east side of the Lake of nine in the stone Falls area. To with this chest, girlfriend will have to go with the first gate in bespeak to usage the Leviathan axe to lower the bridge. Overcome the bridge, open the center gate and return come the dock area and use the chain to lower the gate. Act this opens the 3rd gate in the arena area. Cross the bridge and also go into the arena to uncover the legend chest behind the door you simply raised.

Legendary Chest 14 – Deadly grip of Fury

This legend chest can be found at stone Falls to the east of the Lake of Nine when the water is lowered a second time. Kratos will should climb to the top of the cliff and use Atreus’ Shock arrowhead attack to cost-free the waterwheels. Shooting the decision as it passes close come the legendary chest to cost-free it.

Buri’s Storeroom – 2

Legendary Chest 15 – rage of the Titans light Runic Attack

This legend chest is located to the east of the Lake the Nine, near Buri’s Storeroom. The legendary chest is locked under black vines so Kratos will need to return once he has actually the correct tools to eliminate it.

Legendary Chest 16 – Glaive Storm heavy Runic Attack

Another legendary chest can be discovered on Buri’s Storeroom, an island in the east of the Lake that Nine. The legendary chest is behind a rock wall locked through runes. Come unlock the runes, go left roughly the island, shoot a Shock arrow to complimentary the wheel, rise the stairs and also turn the wheel till there is a void in the big wheel for the watercraft to dock. Heat the boat around the back, reduced the gate to expose a rune and then row back to the other side that the island. Struggle all three rune bells easily to unlock the door, granting you access to the legend chest.

Veithurgard – 1

Legendary Chest 17 – Leviathan’s wake up Light Runic Attack

A legendary chest can be found deep within Veithurgard. To locate this chest, Kratos will must gain accessibility to the large twin doors at the earlier of the area, beyond the dragon. The doors room locked by a rune contraption. To open the door intake the runes: T and R, N and F, top top the left and right. Development through the cavern, defeat the troll in ~ the end, and also go with the door to discover the legend chest sitting there. One ofthe countless Jotnar shrines in God of war is in the previous room together well.

Cliffs the the raven – 1

Legendary Chest 18 – Grips the the Cursed fire Legendary blades Pommel

This legend chest have the right to be discovered in the Cliffs of the Raven come the south-east that the Lake of Nine. This chest can only be collected using the Winds of Hel ability, therefore return when you have actually it unlocked. To unlock the chest, Kratos have to clear a course for the Winds that Hel by removing the pulsating vines. Take it the wind indigenous behind the gate, to whereby the Nornir chest is by using the statue ~ above the behind of the rocks. Climb as much as the Nornir chest and transport the Winds the Hel from the back side over to the front and also then down toward the shoreline. The statues you deserve to use are situated on the right-side the area when encountering the beach. Ar the wind in the mausoleum to gain access to the legendary chest.

Volunder Mines – 1

Legendary Chest 19 – fury of the ice Troll light Runic Attack

Another legend chest have the right to be discovered in the Volunder Mines, a side area wherein you deserve to do a Favor for Brok. The legend chest deserve to be discovered in the same room together the spirit Eater, which have to be reached after finding all the runes and also smashing them.

Foothills – 2

Legendary Chest 20 – fee of the White Bear light Runic Attack

A legend chest can be discovered where friend fight one ogre for the an initial time in the Foothills prior to the entrance to The Mountain. To find this location, begin at Sindri’s shop at the entrance to the Foothills and head straight, then revolve left to find a climbable wall. Follow the route to find an additional climbable wall that will the arena. Top top the far-left side of the arena room poisonous vases, use the Leviathan axe on a red pot to blow up ~ above vase, and freeze the various other to gain accessibility to the legendary chest.

Legendary Chest 21 – Blast the Hephaestus irradiate Runic Attack

This legendary chest is situated in The Foothills and also can just be unlocked as soon as Kratos is maybe to communicate with the Winds the Hel. From Sindri’s shop in the Foothills, head straight and also then rotate left to discover a climbable wall. Range the wall and monitor the path around to the right, collecting the Winds that Hel as you go. Further along the path and on the right is a mausoleum stop the legend chest.

The mountain – 3

Legendary Chest 22 – Falcon’s Dive Runic Summon

A gold legendary chest have the right to be uncovered in the region, The Mountain, as component of the quest, within the Mountain. Continue through the caves till Kratos reaches a big open cavern through a claw that need to be used. Find the communication that must be pushed, and also shove it follow me its tracks to gain access to the upper levels. Jump onto the platform and also up come the following level, the legend chest is follow me the path to the left.

Legendary Chest 23 – Tyr’s Revenge irradiate Runic Attack

This legendary chest is located in the region, The Mountain, surrounding Sindri’s shop in ~ the top of the mountain after the dragon fight. Head right into the cavern system and also hug the right-hand side to come throughout this legendary chest. Usage Atreus’ newly gaining Shock Arrows to free it.

Legendary Chest 24 – Hyperion Slam hefty Runic Attack

This legendary chest is situated in the mountain and also can just be gathered as part of the main quest, return to the Summit. To reach it, play v until you ride the elevator up and also have come fight enemies. There will certainly be two nearby wooden barricades you can smash, one v a frosting you deserve to carry and also the various other with the Winds the Hel. Take the statue end to the chain and ferry the charge across. Rise the chain and then take it the charge to the door at the behind of the room. Make certain the ogre dies prior to this, rather the charge will certainly dissipate.

If this chest to be missed during the mission, the is possible to obtain it however some backtracking is required. Usage the Mystic Gateway in ~ The Summit, walk increase the stair to wherein Mimir was located, and climb under behind the tree. Continue along the snowy path, remaining close come the left-hand side and look out for an interact button to permit Kratos to rise down. Continue along this path, into the mountain, and past Sindri. In the next room v the wood scaffolding, stick come the left and also pass through an ext caves. You will reach the previously mentioned area, wherein the lift can still it is in in place.

Tyr’s holy place – 2

Legendary Chest 25 – Hyperion Grapple hefty Runic Attack

Another legend chest deserve to be discovered during the mission, A path to Jotunheim, in Tyr’s Temple below the Realm take trip Room. To discover this legend chest, go with the left door to discover a spinning blade puzzle. Kratos will have to transport two Winds of Hell back to the door in the room to access this legend chest.

Legendary Chest 26 – Weightless Grips of protection Rare blades Pommel

This legendary chest have the right to be discovered in Tyr’s holy place as component of the quest, A course to Jotunheim. As you prepare to leaving the temple, check the lower levels that the very first room because that a doo that has unlocked granting accessibility to the legendary chest. The is located on the left side of the room when you first enter indigenous the elevator.

All legend Chests in Alfheim – 5

Only 5 legend chests exist in Alfheim, and every one of them deserve to be found the very first time you visit the realm.

Legendary Chest 1 – Amulet of Kvasir rare Talisman

A legendary chest have the right to be found when you cost-free the watercraft in Alfheim. Stick to the right-hand side of the lake until you come throughout a beach with three red vines ~ above the left. You have to continue around to the right. Pass v the an initial timed gate, then through the following one on the right. Monitor the path approximately until you cross the bridge, then usage the Leviathan axe to clear the 3 vines. Through all vines cleared, head within to find an additional vine puzzle come solve. Kratos must cut all three vines by rotating the wheel fully, then relocating right to check out all three vines align prior to throwing the Leviathan axe.

Legendary Chest 2 – Frost Giant’s Frenzy heavy Runic Attack

This legend chest have the right to be found after you cost-free the boat in Alfheim. When Kratos get the Lake that Light, stick to the left to reach a beach. ~ above the right-hand side of the beach space two caves, take the right-most cave system with the red vines, destroy them to clear the course that leader to the legend chest.

Legendary Chest 3 – Thiazi’s Talon heavy Runic Attack

A legend chest can be found after you drainpipe the water ~ above your way to the ringed temple in Alfheim. Go under the lift, fight off the enemies, and then get in the cells behind you. Unlock the cells and also go right into the right side one to watch the legendary chest. Throw the Leviathan axe at the vine you can see then return to the center room and also stand encountering the room. Recall the Leviathan axe to reduced the vines.

Legendary Chest 4 – Njord’s tempest Light Runic Attack

This legend chest deserve to be found on your journey to the ringed temple in Alfheim. As you development through the mission, The irradiate of Alfheim, you will drainpipe a lake and descend on an elevator. Continue until you encounter your an initial Ancient found at the ago of the temple, close to the vines that need to be cleared from around the irradiate source. Loss the ancient and the legend chest on the left of the platform deserve to be freely looted.

Legendary Chest 5 – to win of the Utgard irradiate Runic Attack

A legend chest deserve to be discovered as Kratos and Atreus leaving the ringed holy place after remove the blight and also receiving the irradiate Arrows. The legendary chest will certainly be sit on a balcony near the exit.

All legend Chests in Helheim – 3

There are only three chests come be found in Helheim, and every one of them are fairly straightforward come unlock this much into the game. Once you first arrive in Helheim, do not mean to be able to unlock all of them. There are alsoa couple of Artifacts to find here together well, for this reason make sure you search thoroughly.

Legendary Chest 1 – Spartan charge Light Runic Attack

A legend chest deserve to be found as soon as you with Helheim as part of the main story. Continue forward, clearing the opponents that spawn, and then look come the left, the legend chest is out in the open below the one roof.

Legendary Chest 2 – Cyclone the Chaos irradiate Runic Attack

There is a legendary chest hidden incredibly well in ~ the very front the Helheim. The is locked far in a room that have the right to only be unlocked utilizing an capability you acquire after defeating a boss in Helheim as part of the main story. Moving the Winds that Hel earlier to the very beginning that the level making use of the statues along the path. There are sockets top top the ago of statues, and on blocks that lie turn off to the next of the bridge. Take the Winds of Hel under the stairs and also insert it into the mausoleum to accessibility the legendary chest.

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Legendary Chest 3 – The Charm of infinite Storms epos Talisman

This legendary chest is located in Helheim and also can only be accessed using Atreus’ Shock Arrow. Proceed along the main path until you with the ar of bridge v walkways going across it. Look to the right-hand side to check out a doorway covered in world Tree Sap, clear it and then drop under the chain to reach a lower walkway. To her left is one more door blocked by sap, clear it to discover the legendary chest.

There space a the majority of legendary chests to find in God that War, and a most them won’t permit Kratos gain to lock until later in the story. Take the moment to go earlier to old places and get the loot the end of these chests, few of the Runic assaults are critical for beating the Valkyries. Be certain to examine out ourGod of battle Collectible guide for much more articles on whereby to discover everything in this phenomenal game!

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