Start the game in difficult Mode. If you\"ve played some of the GoW games before this one, this game is walking to be a item of cake in its \"hard\" mode. Try come level up Kratos\" capability as fast as you deserve to for the  Master of eight trophy. The is not a miss-able trophy, but it\"ll be beneficial to work on the as rapid as possible during this playthrough.This stage is walk to take the longest due to the fact that you need to collect every the Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, Godly Possessions, and Minotaur\"s Horns. A note about the collectibles: They can be obtained by opening different chests, and also they perform not need to be gathered one through one, favor in a sequence. They have the right to be obtained within various chests, so do not problem if you miss out on one chest. Open up every chest that you come across. Once every minotaur\"s horn, phoenix feathers, and also gorgon eyes have been collected, the chests will give you part extra red orbs. Keep in mind that these 3 trophies have to be earned throughout one playthrough. They are qualified together miss-able trophies. Although is not too an overwhelming to find them, you need to still carry out some exploring. If friend are one of those gamers that investigates every solitary corner the every map, you will certainly not have any kind of problem. Videos of the collectables have actually been included in the  Eye Can\"t believe It! trophy description. It is important that you recognize that the
 Treasure Hunter is walk to be qualified as a missable trophy as well. The Godly Possessions are all in certain locations, so if you execute not choose up all of them during a solitary playthrough, girlfriend will have actually the task of starting over the totality game again. We space not able to usage Chapter select, because that that reason it will be much better to work on this miss-able trophies in your first playthrough to prevent a second playthrough. There are likewise a few side misc trophies that space miss-able detailed below.

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Describe the trophies listed below for more details.For this missables/collectibles trophies, you have the right to take a look come this gameplay guide for a finish walkthrough, you will certainly not miss anything:
Linked: Collectible GuidePhoenix Feathers, Gorgon Eyes, Minotaur Horns, Godly Possessions, missable trophies, you name it! This guide lists them all, wherein they are, how to obtain them, and also at what allude of the story they space at. guide Rating 18,944Views