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This items is at this time unavailable. Come be notified when ago in stock, please get in your email address.
All firearm sales space final. NO RETURNS.Return to manufacturer because that warranty service.Firearms room only obtainable for acquisition online.
A $15.99 taking care of fee will be charged every order. No extr charge because that multiple weapons on an order.

GLOCK pistols have a reputation for safety, durability, reliability and also ease of usage which is second to none. The GLOCK 21 is a complete sized pistol chambered in hard hitting .45 ACP and also is an ideal choice for professional duty, competition, or personal defense. The is a polymer framed, striker fired \"safe action\" semi automatic. The barrel and slide have a scratch and corrosion resistant salt bathtub nitride finish. Specifications and Features:.45 ACP caliberStriker fired semi automatic4.6\" barrel13 ring capacityPolymer frameOverall length 8.22\"Height 5.47\"Width 1.27\"Weight 29.84 oz (empty)BlackDISCLAIMER: “GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark that GLOCK, Inc. And is one of plenty of trademarks own by GLOCK, Inc. And GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Neither Cheaper 보다 Dirt!, no one this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. Or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. The usage of “GLOCK” top top this web page is simply to advertisement the revenue of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. Components and also parts that execute not specifically have actually GLOCK noted as the manufacturer are made through their particular company. Such parts might be intended because that use through GLOCK components yet are not created by GLOCK, Inc.. For additional genuine GLOCK, Inc. And GLOCK Ges.m.b.H products and also parts visit
Buying a Firearm online is Easy!Add your selected firearm(s) to your shopping cart and also check out.Pick up her firearm from the FFL Dealer, who will have to do a criminal and mental health and wellness background check. Deliver fees might apply.Buying firearms on the Internet

Federal law requires guns to be shipped to FFL Dealers. For an separation, personal, instance to obtain a firearm native Cheaper 보다 Dirt! it have to be transport to an FFL Dealer in her state.

Locating a Federal-Firearm license Dealer (FFL) in her Area

There space thousands that FFL dealers in the joined States. Friend may choose an FFL Dealer from our desired listing or girlfriend may discover a dealer in her area. To uncover a perform of FFL certified dealer in your area area CLICK HERE. If you select a dealer that is no on our desired list, one of two people you or the FFL Dealer will be forced to send a copy of the Federal firearms License referencing your Cheaper 보다 Dirt! order number. The FFL Dealer will typically charge a dues to command the transfer. There space duties that the FFL Dealer is forced to do throughout the process which encompass a criminal and also mental health and wellness background inspect through NICS. Remember, the FFL Dealer is doing friend a favor and also the process takes time to complete. Fees deserve to vary so examine with the FFL Dealer front of time to inquiry a quote on the fees linked with your firearm transfer. The FFL Dealer is in company to do a profit and also your internet purchase may be perceived as competition to their sleeve business. If you feel the fees are too high, you can search for one more FFL Dealer.

Completing the Transaction

Once you place the firearm in her cart and also checkout you will obtain a confirmation email that has your bespeak number and also further instructions. We will verify the FFL patent and also make the FFL Dealer conscious that an order native Cheaper 보다 Dirt! will soon be getting here for you. Many orders are processed in ~ 2-3 organization days from the time we receive and also verify the FFL certified dealer information. As soon as shipped, your firearm will arrive at the FFL Dealer in ~ 3-7 days service days. The FFL Dealer will begin processing the shipment. It might be secondary day or so before the FFL Dealer is all set to conduct the carry of the firearm to you. Call the FFL Dealer and collection an appointment to confirm that the firearm is all set to be transferred.

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Please note! all Firearm Sales room Final

It is essential to thoroughly inspect your firearm prior to completion the the transfer. As soon as the firearm is transferred right into your name, Cheaper than Dirt! will certainly not accept a return or exchange under any circumstance. If a defect is found after perfect the transfer, girlfriend must call the manufacturer straight for repair or replacement.