Recently got a Nirwen's Mercy drop through Headseeker, Perfect Balance, and also Glass fifty percent Full on it (thank you RNGesus)... However it's only made me wonder just how much this perks really do amplify the damage.

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The highest possible number I've viewed is 34 every round, (not burst) through both perks active. I m sorry isn't much higher from the typical 29/30 ns see.

So is it also worth it to have actually them?


A continual 2-4 an ext damage is huge, you might cut under on how plenty of bullets space actually needed to obtain a kill

If i remember correctly, there to be a the majority of research done on this ago when us were agriculture grasps (check the Crucible Playbook).

Anyway, I'm pretty certain that for pulse rifles in PVP, no perk did much to readjust the variety of bursts come kill. However of the 2, ns think the Headseeker to be the ideal in that maybe it readjusted things contempt - speak from 2 hs, 1 human body to 1 hs, 2 body or something follow me those lines.

Yeah, I about cried after acquiring that roll, ns was supervisor surprised.

Here's part "proof". Http://

theyll help out through the dmg drop off at longer ranges i would imagine. Like, the damages will quiet drop, yet its dropping from a greater number so youll still be doing normal damages further out.

there to be a mile lengthy post around Headseeker and secret Round...

basically claimed both were not really that big of deal; much better perks out there that are much better suited for PRs; particularly for PvP reasons.

(If I had to guess, it to be a /u/mercules904 post)

The effects of either/both perks are minimal, however they have the right to make a distinction every now and again. Any type of extra little of damages you can obtain without significant sacrifice deserve to prove useful from time to time.

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Glass fifty percent Full has actually a quite negligible increase in damage until the last two bursts. Mine buddy used a Lyudmila-D (Hakke pulse, high impact) which is a two-burst killer normally, us tested how much damage the last burst would execute with GHF in Rumble and also it left me through a pixel of wellness at max armor. Quite staggering yet of food you'd need to be at the bottom of her mag to get the most out of the perk


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