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"The Business" is the 2nd official solitary (third overall) released from Yung Berg"s debut album, look at What friend Made Me. The track is created by rob Holladay and Yung Berg himself and also features label mate Casha. It was released might 13, 2008. The single was certified gold by the RIAA top top November 11, 2008 because that sales the 500,000 copies.

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If girlfriend know exactly what ns wanna doThen I"m a offer the company to youSee ns ain"t never ever met a girlThat"s obtaining down prefer you(Never met a girl prefer you baby)And ns ain"t never met a girlThat placed it down favor you(You know you make it do what it carry out baby)Say thug in yo lifeThat"s what you need shawtyAnything you wantIt"s guarantee for myBoo boo boo boo booYea yea yeaAnd i ain"t tryin" to go hardFor what I require shawtyI"m tryin to tell you specifically what I require fromYou you you friend youCause you understand I wannaA Freak in morningA Freak in the eveningJust call me up and I"ll it is in there as soon as you require meWhen ever before you desire me you can come and see meCause friend know just what to doYou provide me the businessGive me the businessGive me the businessYou give me the businessShawty offer me the businessIf girlfriend know exactly what i wanna perform (You desire it too)Then I"m a give the company to youThen I"m a offer the service to you(Can I offer you the company shawty)(Can I give you the company shawty)(From the show to the after party)Baby I"m a give the company to youAy,that service babyCause i really wanna journey you crazyWanna kiss wanna obstacle wanna lick wanna touchWanna placed it inside you babyWanna rise on top of youAnd give it come you for a hour or twoUntil friend cum IWanna hit the from the backOh stroke, stroke for a minute or twoBecause ya for this reason tightBooty hung rightGot her tongue rightRide v meTo the sunlightWe can have a little Sex in the City babyYou can be CarrieI"m a be Mr. BiggsCause friend so fineAnd you simply rightBut friend look much far better with meSo let me control ya girlAnd walk I ever before tell yaThat it"s quite to know yaAnd you recognize I wannaLets talk around that company babyIt"s much more than simply a 8 letter wordIt describes me and youAnd what us doHold on this shit is for this reason good, i gotta pay because that itYa, check out you been playing all nightNow the time come handle service babyKeep goin" hard on ya job as soon as ya perform itMa, you journey me crazyYou drivin" me crazy once yaGive me the businessG-give me offer me, g-give me provide me, offer me the businessG-give me the businessShawty give me the businessIf, if, if, if girlfriend know exactly what ns wanna doThen I"m a offer the service to youOh, oh ohohoh, five oh ohohohThen I"m a give the business to youOh, oh ohohoh, five oh ohohoh(Can I give you the service shawty)(Can I offer you the company shawty)(From the present to the afterparty)Baby I"m a provide the company to you

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Yung Berg Christian Ward (born September 9, 1986), far better known by his stage name Yung Berg, is an American rapper indigenous Chicago. The is of afri American and also Puerto Rican descent. His very first single to be "Sexy Lady" which functions R&B singer Junior. Yung Berg had actually been formerly signed come DMX"s Bloodline documents as ice cream Berg. He is featured top top the departure Wounds soundtrack.

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His debut album watch What friend Made Me was released in 2008. More »