There space three world Cup games today, and also while every complement in the people Cup 2018 schedule draws passionate fans, one showdown stands out: Germany vs. Mexico.

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Not only do both countries have incredibly diehard fan bases, but Germany is the reigning people Cup champion, after beating Argentina in the 2014 Finals in Brazil. Part are even saying the the 2018 German team is much better than the squad the won the championship 4 years ago.

When is the Germany vs. Mexico game today? Germany and Mexico are scheduled to play beginning at 11 a.m. ET on Sunday, June 17. Below are every the various other details you must tune in.

What Channel Is the people Cup 2018 Germany vs. Mexico video game On?

Mexico vs. Germany is being transfer in English on FS1, and also in Spanish on Telemundo. If you have a typical satellite or cable TV package, your bundle probably has these channels. Simply discover Telemundo or FS1 to watch the Germany vs. Mexico game.

If girlfriend don"t have a pay TV package, you have to still be able to watch Germany and Mexico in the 2018 world Cup for complimentary today ~ above Telemundo with a digital antenna. You can buy a simple digital antenna for around $30. When you hook up a digital antenna to a TV in many of the country, you have the right to watch over-the-air broadcast networks prefer Fox, ABC, and, yes, Telemundo completely for free.

FIFA human being Cup 2018 Schedule for Sunday, June 17

What"s the 2018 human being Cup schedule today?

• Costa Rica vs. Serbia, 8 a.m. ET, on Fox and also Telemundo • Germany vs. Mexico, 11 a.m. ET, on FS1 and Telemundo • Brazil vs. Switzerland, 2 p.m. ET, ~ above FS1 and also Telemundo

Even if friend don"t have actually cable, you must still have the ability to watch Germany and Mexico play for cost-free today—either on TV (check the end Telemundo) or by live streaming the game.

How to Live currently the civilization Cup Germany vs. Mexico video game for Free

FS1 is a salary TV network, and also the traditional method to get that channel top top TV is by paying for a monthly cable or satellite TV package. But there are other options. In our previous how to clock the people Cup guide, we extended the basics for exactly how to live stream civilization Cup 2018 gamings for free, consisting of some techniques for acquiring FS1. Right here are the details:


Every world Cup game can it is in streamed in English through the Fox sports Go app. Over there is no charge for downloading and also watching via the app, however you should log in through an proper pay TV provider account to gain access.

To obtain the Spanish broadcasts, you deserve to stream human being Cup gamings in any browser at, or through the Telemundo Deportes En Vivo or NBC sporting activities apps. Telemundo says that anyone can watch the people Cup virtual for complimentary without a pay TV subscription till June 25. ~ that, you may be triggered to log in online through a salary TV account.

Most live-streaming TV services will likewise let you watch the human being Cup online. Services consisting of Hulu Live, Fubo TV, DirecTV Now, playstations Vue, Sling TV, and also YouTube TV all have actually packages obtainable with part or every one of the channels broadcasting 2018 people Cup matches.

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Each of this services has a totally free trial period, permitting you to watch at no charge for approximately one week. Just remember come cancel the company if girlfriend don"t desire to pay the monthly fee, which will expense $20 and up.