B. Elements of a plan Horizon

The plan horizon has actually two vital dimensions: time and cost. The previous is stood for by the horizontal (x-axis) and also the last by the vertical (y-axis).

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The horizontal (x-axis) governs the forecast of the future events (“realistic“) and also is derived from the physical analysis.

The very first year of the horizon is referred to as the initial year, the final year that the horizon is the terminus year. The size of the planing horizon is the variety of years native the base year to the terminus year contemplated in a report.

The vertical (y-axis) governs the estimated prices of the future events (“defensible“) and also is obtained from the financial analysis.

C. Interfaces that a to plan Horizon

The to plan horizon go not operate in isolation. That intersects with other time durations that both precede and follow the subject horizon. Where the subject horizon deserve to be taken into consideration the present window into the future, is adjoined through a past-window and also a future-window.

Listed listed below are some ideas to show these interfaces:



D. Stages of a to plan Horizon

For monitoring purposes, the planning horizon have the right to be separated into 3 stages the adjoin (sit beside) one another. The step are relative to one another and not relative to the basic year.

The combination of the tasks in all 3 stages (short, mid and also long) offers the total capital load. Projects in the long-range step have higher cost connected with the moment value the money (inflation).

E. Nested views of plan Horizon

There are three species of to plan horizons relying on the length of the window/outlook into the future, each of i beg your pardon is loved one to the base year and they each carry out different level of detail and also have different probability distributions.

The further an event is in the future to the reduced the confidence interval associated v that event.

The tactical horizon is nested in ~ the strategy horizon and the work horizon is nested within the tactical horizon.

The length of the strategy horizon different by jurisdiction. Because that example: in brothers Columbia, the strategic horizon is 30-years. In Alberta that is 25 years and also Hawaii the is 20 years.

F. Populating the to plan Horizon

Generating a realistic and defensible planning horizon is a difficulty that is normally left to consultants. The procedure of populating the horizon has two an essential parts;

The means and methods of populating the data into the to plan horizon are detailed below.


Consultants use spreadsheets or more sophisticated software tools to create the planning horizon via a collection of algorithms derived from the physical evaluation on each asset (ie., chronological age, reliable age, remaining valuable life).

The top quality of the data in the planning horizon will count on the top quality of the physics analysis.

G. Target Analysis of the plan Horizon Patterns

Once the to plan horizon has actually been inhabited with events, commonly as a result of a consulting report, the professionals are maybe to analyze the trends and trends in the horizontal circulation of the events.

Listed below are objective and also impartial tools for assessing the trends of the events in the planning horizon:

Distribution-over-Time and Distribution-by-SystemCapital pack of all the merged costs linked with every the events throughout the planning horizon.

Simple-View (roll-up) and also Detailed-View (drill-down) (such as a stack bar chart).

Planning horizons at various life stages.

A strategic plan with most of the projects developing within the second half of the planning window. This is properties of structures in the childhood life stage and also adolescent life stages.

H. Subjective Interpretation of the to plan Horizon

Listed listed below are few of the interpretations that the future events and future claims reflected in the planning horizon. An outlook or scenario.

I. The Time measurement (Shifting Horizon)

The following concepts provide insight right into the liquid nature of the planning horizon:

Behind-the-Horizon and Beyond-the Horizon

J. Management of the plan Horizon

Listed listed below are part the crucial asset management ideas to help with the management of the planning horizon.

Mapping the plan horizon versus the basic life cycle design for buildings of the comparable class. Because that example, what is the resources trajectory because that low-rise structures that space 30 years old.

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