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So much for No. 3 Ole Miss\"s triumphant rise to the optimal of the college football world. The Rebels had a chance to solidify your College soccer Playoff wishes after winning in ~ Alabama, however the Playoff looks like a remote dream after ~ a loss to No. 25 Florida.

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The Gators, on the various other hand, look prefer the SEC team everyone should be talk about. For all the exaggeration Georgia and also Tennessee got heading right into the season, Florida made a statement the it might be the team to beat in the SEC East. The Gators come out shoot behind quarterback will Grier, that had an outstanding game regardless of battling the flu all week (along with plenty of Florida players).

Grier wasn\"t even the sure starter previously this year, and against a vaunted Ole miss defense, that led his team to a 25-0 first-half lead. That threw 4 touchdowns in the very first half, the very first time a Florida player has actually done that because Chris Leak in 2005.

The Florida defense is as an excellent as that has ever been, but with the offense lastly playing approximately its talent level in the Gators\" an initial year under Jim McElwain, this team has actually the ability to go really far.

Three points to know

1. Is Florida Florida again? The Gators have actually a really an excellent quarterback in will certainly Grier, and they have actually the defense to go with it. Grier\"s performance against Ole miss can\"t be overstated, specifically considering the scenarios — he has actually the flu and he was dealing with a defense that\"s recognized for hitting hard. No matter, Grier was approximately the task, and also Florida might be the new favorite to victory the SEC East. This Gators are promptly improving, and they\"re back on the huge stage.

2. So whereby does Ole miss go next? prefer this year, the Rebels looked like one of the ideal teams in the country in early on 2014, but they fell down midway with the season. Hugh Freeze\"s team still has games versus Texas A&M and also LSU coming up, so Ole miss can\"t allow this game destroy its season.

3. Tim Tebow\"s well known \"Promise Speech\" came against Ole miss in 2008. This Florida team maintained his promise.

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