Gotta Smash Em All! 25:gsicon:

Collect every Storm Island Bonus Board.

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I have quickly created an HD video showing the location of all bonus boards, which can be seen here:


I have also made a map to show all locations which can be seen below (click to enlarge), or you can go HERE. If you use this map, I would appreciate that you like the YouTube video above, thanks and enjoy! Tropical Treasure 25:gsicon:

Find and restore a Barn Find on Storm Island.


You will have to complete a few races before you are told about a barn find that can be ANYWHERE on the map. This barn is located in the top right corner of the map just south of the white road. You can view the exact location in the video below. You will be able to spot a small rooftop using your map, and that"s where it is located.


After driving to this location, Ashley will pick it up and let you know when it"s ready. After a few races, head back to your garage, to the barn finds tab, and pick up your new MG Metro 6R4!


After picking it up, the achievement will unlock.


The car is in the Group B Monsters class, and you"ll also want to win a race with it in order to unlock the following achievement: Metro Master 10:gsicon:

Win an event in the MG Metro R4.

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Posted February 8, 2015


Posted February 8, 2015

Thanks for this, got them all and chevo


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Posted February 2, 2016


Posted February 2, 2016 (edited)

The achievement "Gotta Smash Em All" glitched on me and is stuck at 72% despite me having collected all of the bonus boards. What should my next course of action be to correct this issue?


Update: Not sure how things fixed themselves, but this achievement randomly popped for me weeks later. Very strange.


Thanks in advance!



Edited July 1, 2016 by DishonoredDeity
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Posted July 14, 2016


Posted July 14, 2016

Thanks for your guide

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Storm Island DLC - Bonus Boards & Barn Find Locations

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