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This sounds choose a question about electron energy levels. The third principal energy level has actually three sublevels, s,p and d.

This means that it can have a best of 18 electrons. Review on to find out why:

The sublevels possilbe for each principal power level are as follows:

n=1: s


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This sounds choose a question about electron power levels. The third principal power level has three sublevels, s,p and also d.

This method that it have the right to have a preferably of 18 electrons. Review on to learn why:

The sublevels possilbe because that each principal power level space as follows:

n=1: s

n=2: s and also p

n=3: s, p and also d

n=4 and higher: s, p, d and f

The sublevels have various number of orbitals, i m sorry are regions of probability of detect an electron, and also each orbital have the right to have a best of 2 electrons.

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Here room the variety of orbitals and maximum variety of electrons possible for each sublevel:

s-sublevel = 1 orbit = 2 electrons

p-sublevel = 3 orbitals = 6 electrons

d-sublevel = 5 orbitals = 10 electrons

f-sublevel = 7 orbitals = 14 electrons

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