You never ever know exactly how special her very first country music concert will be. That knows, maybe Chris Lane will call you up on the stage and also serenade you! that was definitely the instance for a young girl named Macy during Lane"s concert at the Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnolds Park, Iowa ~ above July 30. Just as the was around to do his song "For Her," the pointed to Macy and invited her up top top the stage.

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"Over here in the front, acquire up here on this stage," Lane stated to the girl. "Y"all make some noise because that Macy in the house tonight!"

The nation star"s tour manager Brandon lugged Macy up on stage prior to Lane devoted his power to her.

"Alright Macy, come here, I desire you to take it a seat right here," roadway directed she to take a seat on a stool. "This is walking to it is in so basic for you, alright? girlfriend don"t have to do anything, all you got to perform is sit there and smile and I"ll take care of the rest. I have actually a song that I desire to dedicate come you best now and also it"s referred to as "For Her.""

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Throughout the song, roadway sweetly put his hat on Macy, even twirls her around after acquiring her to wave out at the audience. We have the right to only assume this was Macy"s an initial time top top a stage with a famous nation singer and she tackled it like a champ, smiling the entire time. You have the right to watch the whole performance, taped in an Instagram story, below.

"For Her" was originally included on Lane"s debut EP, Fix, and later showed up as one official single on his 2nd album, Girl Problems. It was a height 10 fight on the nation airplay Billboard chart and even had actually a music video that functions a real-life proposal.

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Lane newly welcomed his an initial child in Nashville v his mam Lauren Bushnell Lane, a infant boy named Dutton walker Lane. Lane and Lauren, a former contestant ~ above The Bachelor, have been sharing part sweet picture of newborn boy Dutton pedestrian on social media and we can"t get sufficient of their sweet little family!

The singer is set to hit the road with new music ~ above his to fill Them Boots tour this October. Tour dates will run through March 2022 almost everywhere the nation from phibìc Carolina to brand-new York and Los Angeles. A few country artists will certainly be joining that on the road, including Tyler Rich.