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With Florida State"s 15 feather practices, including Saturday"s feather game, now in the books, it"s the perfect time because that a brand-new edition of the Warchant 3-2-1, where we sell up 3 observations, 2 questions and also a prediction.

In this installment, we take a closer look in ~ the Seminoles" quarterback competition, study some encouraging indicators at large receiver and also on the protective line, comment on what we"re expecting native a wins-and-losses view this fall, and also project exactly how the attack line might look this fall and more.

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FSU defensive end Jermaine Johnson reaches out to grab quarterback McKenzie Milton throughout Saturday's spring game. (Logan Stanford/Special to

Three points we've learned

1 -- This is FSU"s ideal QB situation because Jameis Winston"s departure

When you take into consideration how necessary the quarterback place is in college football, it"s yes, really no wonder Florida State has struggled for most of the past 4 or five years.

Deondre Francois was decent together a redshirt freshman in 2016, thanks in no small component to the truth that he shared a backfield v an all-time good running ago in Dalvin Cook, but the Seminoles have been doing not have at that position ever before since.

First there was James Blackman gift thrust into action as a true freshman in 2017. Then there to be the return that Francois -- with much less mobility and also a brand-new offensive system -- in 2018. Then after he was dismissed, it to be Blackman and Wisconsin move Alex Hornibrook taking transforms in 2019.

Then in 2020, it was Blackman do the efforts to run his fourth offense in four years and also Jordan Travis running his 3rd offense in 3 years. Without a spring practice. And in Travis" case, without even much of a preseason camp due to injury.

So, yeah, the hasn"t to be a an excellent run because that the Seminoles in ~ THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. POSITION. ON. THE. FIELD.

Coming right into this spring, I assumed there to be a great chance Florida State would have actually its best QB room since Jameis Winston left town complying with the 2014 season. And while there to be a few hiccups follow me the way, the last few days the spring practice -- and also Saturday"s spring game -- have actually me encouraged of it.

Travis capped off what has been a very impressive spring through a quite outing top top Saturday. He led the violation to a touchdown and a ar goal in his very first two drives, and even despite his 3rd drive stalled, he looked heavy on that possession as well.

FSU doesn"t show up to be providing out feather awards the method they used to, however if they did, Travis undoubtedly would have actually won the Hinesman Award as the most dominant player. Based upon the five practices and three scrimmages we attended this spring, Travis looks for this reason much better and more confident as a passer than he has at any suggest in his two-plus years in Tallahassee.

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He has actually a far better command of the offense, that looks more comfortable in the pocket, and also he is throwing an extremely accurate passes. As soon as you include in his remarkable running ability, i beg your pardon wasn"t showcased once he to be wearing a non-contact jersey this spring, there"s no doubt he can do a very solid task of to run Mike Norvell"s offense.