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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – There will certainly be a job Day showdown versus a Southeastern Conference opponent, eight games versus teams that played in critical year’s postseason and nine gamings played within the state that Florida.And Doak Campbell stadion – with its newly-christened Champions club in the south finish zone – will hold national runner-up Clemson, ACC seaside champ north Carolina, rival Florida and also a rarely Friday-night contest versus Boston College.

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It’s all component of a 2016 Florida State football schedule that’s together compelling together it is challenging. Below are the highlights:

Runnin’ with the RebelsFor the first time because 1961, Florida State will meet Ole miss on the soccer field. The Orlando Citrus bowl will host the and Rebels because that a season-opening, nationally televised video game that might jumpstart a operation to the college Football Playoff for the winner. The have become a fixture on labor Day in current years. They topped Pittsburgh to begin the 2013 season, and also played a collection of Monday-night games against Miami and Clemson in the 2000s.

The Rebels, the just team come beat national champion Alabama in 2015, just polished turn off a 10-3 season through a 48-20 romp end Oklahoma State in the street Bowl. Yet they also must contend with the accident of several crucial players, consisting of lineman Laremy Tunsil, recipient Laquon Treadwell and defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche.

On the roadway againTallahassee won’t see much of the in September. After opened the season in Orlando, FSU has actually one residence game versus Charleston Southern before hitting the roadway for back-to-back games at Louisville and South Florida.

FSU had its way against Louisville (won 41-21) and USF (won 34-14) in 2015, yet the Cardinals and also Bulls both perfect their periods on warm streaks and also will be trying to find bigger points in 2016.

Louisville bounced ago from one 0-3 begin to complete 8-5 ~ above the season, and USF won 7 of its critical eight continuous season games prior to falling to west Kentucky in the Miami beach Bowl.

The will acquire their 2nd look in ~ U of together quarterback Lamar Jackson, who star seems to be climbing after a 453-yard power in the Cardinals’ 27-21 victory over Texas A&M in the Music City Bowl.

Louisville is likewise the website of one of FSU’s most memorable recent wins. After ~ falling behind by three touchdowns, the rallied for a 42-31 victory.


Blue OctoberThe latest rotate in the ACC’s divisional schedule rotation method the get a rare opportunity to organize the north Carolina Tar Heels. UNC, the defending ACC coastal champion, is collection to visit Tallahassee ~ above Oct. 1 – also Parents’ Weekend – in what will likely be one of the marquee games on the league’s schedule. FSU there is no played the Tar Heels since 2010.

So we satisfy againAfter UNC, FSU will certainly head south for what have to be a memorable meeting with coach mark Richt and also the Miami Hurricanes.

Richt, who served as an FSU assistant native 1990-2000, to be hired by his alma mater earlier this year. He’ll be spring to end Florida State’s six-year run of dominance over the Hurricanes.

And here’s whereby that road-heavy early on slate pays off: after visiting Miami, the will play just two games away from home – at NC State on Nov. 5 and at Syracuse ~ above Nov. 19.

Welcome byeFSU has actually just one bye mainly this season, yet it comes at a great time. The hold Wake forest for homecoming on Oct. 15 and then have actually their week off prior to the Clemson Tigers pertained to town ~ above Oct. 29.

It will certainly be a welcome change from a year ago, as soon as FSU had its farewell on Sept. 26 and also then perfect the season through nine games in nine weeks. This season is much more manageable – seven games before the open up date and five games after.

For the last 7 years, the mathematics in the ACC Atlantic has actually been simple: Whichever team wins the FSU-Clemson video game wins the division.

And, in current years, the winner has had an inside track because that a run at the national title.

The Tigers snapped a three-game shedding streak come FSU last year, but they haven’t won in Tallahassee because 2006.

Friday Night lights in TallahasseeFlorida State went to Boston College for a Friday game in 2015, and the Eagles are collection to return the favor. The will meet BC ~ above Friday, Nov. 11, in their first home video game played ~ above a day various other than Saturday or Monday due to the fact that 2002.

The Veterans Day contest will additionally serve together a perfect time for FSU’s yearly Military appreciation Day. And although the game isn’t top top the traditional Saturday, the primetime kickoff, coupled through the Veterans work holiday, should enable fans to start making their travel arrangements now.

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Fisher-McElwain, ring 2FSU coach Jimbo Fisher obtained the finest of his newest counterpart in Gainesville, besting coach Jim McElwain’s Florida Gators, 27-2, to earn FSU’s an initial ever three-game to win streak in Gainesville. Yet despite a rough finish to the season, UF appears to be trending in the appropriate direction under McElwain. This year iteration of the rivalry have to hold hefty implications, as FSU looks come beat Florida for the 6th time in 7 meetings and also further cement its ar atop the state.