Need to know the toughness of eincredibly character in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD and tips on using them? Then, check out this Character guide!

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD has an excellent battle mechanism. This originates from not only being real-time, however having actually most combat selection. There are 14 personalities to pick from and also each have their own play style and weapon. Their stats and also strengths additionally vary between each character.

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I"m here to assist you understand each character, what they execute finest, and imply specific regulates for each. Choosing in between 14 personalities have the right to definitely be overwhelming, so I hope to makes points easier for you.

Please visit my Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Beginner"s Guide to Combat, Phantoma, Characters and also Morefor any kind of added tips and guides on this game.

This guide will certainly go over all the playable characters in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD including:

Strengths - What each character is great at, damaged dvery own right into categories.Group Tips - Suggestions on who you should have actually in your team.


These are personalities that have actually a good magic stat, either for assistance or attacking.

Deuce - Uses a Flute


Great at Fire Magic, finest support in the game.Concerto command also buffs allies" abilities.Not great at killing opponents via normal assaults.Best when offered strictly as support via Concerto

Queen - Uses a Longsword

Great at Lightning magic.Great support/assault command also referred to as Divine Judgment thatenables you to heal allies and also assault enemies at the very same time.

Rem - Uses Dual Daggers

More of a well balanced character, however has actually an excellent assistance ability called Manalchemy.This restores everyone"s MP.Strong Lightning Magic.Strong Defense magic, great for using healing commands.


These are cahracters via a high assault stat and/or should mainly use attack regulates.

Trey - Uses a Bow

Best Ranged attacker in the game.Unique capacity dubbed Grand Delta.This drains opponent health and wellness and allows for Killsight.Can charge up normal attacks for massive damages.

Cinque - Uses a Mace

Very high damage, but slowest attack in the game.High HP.Great for hitting groups of enemies and also stunning them.

Eight - Uses Knuckles

Fastest attack, yet shortest range.Has different stances that permit for combos and also distinct attacks.High Defense.

Nine - Uses a Lance


Highest HP and great Defense. Great for tanking.Uses Jump, prefer Dragoons in previous Final Fantasy games.

Jack - Uses a Katana

Very high attack and also can counter for high damage.Moves exceptionally sluggish as soon as weapon is out, yet deserve to sidestep very quick.

King - Uses Twin Pistols

Can shoot from range, yet also good at cshed selection.Uses ammo, so you need to reload throughout fightsPoint-Blank Shot does massive damage at close-range when charged.

Machina - Uses Dual Rapiers

Has two good abilities, Cyclone Drive and Awakening.Cyclone Drive does high damages and continues till you run out of AG.Awakening restores HP and turns normal assaults into Furious Blades until you gain hit.


These personalities are primarily great in both assault and magic, though some might lean even more in the direction of one in particular.

Ace - Uses Cards

Good ranged strike and good Ice Magic.Card abilities let him buff himself through mana recoup, health and wellness recuperate, enemy debuffs, and also even more.Can teleport to adversaries via the command, Wild Card.

Cater - Uses a Magicite Pistol

Good ranged attack and also Ice Magic.Gun automatically charges while moving and she has good motion speed.Has Elementillery, which gives her various element shots.

Sice - Uses a Scythe


Great for hitting multiple adversaries, harder to control bereason of her movement when attacking.Absorbs Malice by beating enemies and supplied for a strong attack dubbed Dark Nebula.Good Lightning Magic.

Salso - Uses a Whipblade

Fluid movements, deserve to charge or pull enemies.A.I. has a tendency to gain her eliminated ebreason of her consistent charging right into battle.Great Ice and Defense Magic.

Group Tips

It is difficult to select your team as soon as you can only have 3 out of the 14. I"ll offer you a couple of things to take right into account as soon as picking.

Try to have at leastern one ranged and also one magic user.This permits you to cover your bases. Some enemies have the right to only be hit by ranged attacks and some just take decent damages from magic attacks.Almethods assign a Cure spell to one of the party members.Even though you can usage potions, the battle is real-time and a Cure have the right to conserve you as soon as you do not have time to open the menu.Esuna also helps take amethod ailments.Be certain to level Deuce and also Rem.These are the two ideal human being to have in your party in my opinion.Deuce"s Concerto is impressive assistance and also really helps in the direction of the finish of the game.Rem is all-approximately excellent at every little thing and higher than the majority of world. Plus she can recuperate ally MP, so it"s good to have her.Choose Trey if you want to double up on high strike and ranged.Trey has actually the ideal variety in the game and an extremely high assault.Picking him lets you select simply magic and support for your other two members.Choose Nine if you desire a good tank.Eight and also Deuce are decent too, yet Nine has actually the greatest HP and also Defense.

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That wraps up my Character Guide for Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Feel complimentary to leave a comment if you have actually questions or suggestions. Check out my Beginner"s Guidefor even more tips and guides on the game.