Pitioss damages is a unique dungeon that calls for the Regalia Type-F, as it is enclosed in a like the mountain region. However, there is one point you want to do prior to heading there, together there’s a an enig quest that can be started in Lestallum. Make certain it is night (if not, begin a nighttime Hunt) and also go come the eastern component of the city. North of the easternmost restaurant is an alley that has some stairs, through some structures on the one side and also rocks top top the other. Girlfriend should gain a prompt beside the one window, i m sorry will start the thefts the past sidequest.

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Now the you have actually that sidequest, travel to Verinas Mart - Ravatogh and also get some “info” from the tipster there to get a new marker on your map come the north. If you open up your map, though, and also look north of whereby you room located and slightly west, you should spot a yellow strip. This is where you will be landing the Regalia and also it’s highly imperative that it is daytime when you perform this, as spotting the strip at night is going to it is in nigh impossible. Make sure you sluggish down as you descend and also you must be pretty good to land.


Start the steal the past sidequest in Lestallum (left). Friend only should pick increase the Magitek main point to finish it (right).

There are a many dangerous opponents out in this area, specifically if you just came right here after finishing increase the key story and are somewhere in the 50s or so. The opponent you’ll run into most often are Soldier Wasps (level 37), v other opponents including Regaltrices (level 44), Royalisks (level 62), a Kingatrice (level 70), and some Malbodooms (level 85). The path leading to Pitioss damages is near the Malbodooms and also while over there is a camping clues nearby, it can not it is in a an excellent idea to usage it, as entry to Pitioss is permitted just at night.

Feel free to struggle off any enemies in the area if friend want, noted you’re trying to find a difficulty of any type of kind, as some of these enemies cannot be uncovered elsewhere if you’ve done some of the sidequests linked with them. Anyway, as soon as you gain to the structure that is the enntrance gate of Pitioss Ruins, friend will have to jump over a little gap. As soon as you carry out this, there will be a worn-down gate with a tiny gap that you deserve to use to jump through, however don’t perform that just yet. Instead, look at in the corner to find an object laying top top the ground. It turns out to it is in a Magitek Core and it will finish the stealing the past sidequest, earning friend a whopping 50,000 EXP.

Inside Pitioss Ruins¶

Once night rolls around, you have the right to finally get in the mystery dungeon by hitting the switch on the key door. This dungeon is unequal the other dungeons in the game, together there are no opponents inside and also you won’t be doing any type of combat in ~ all. In fact, the whole dungeon is centered approximately platforming and puzzles, and you will discover quite a few items inside, few of which aren’t easily accessible anywhere else. Although there aren’t any type of jumps that need them, it’s a great idea to equip daggers ~ above Noctis, as their air attack will allow you to gain some extra distance that might save you some trouble in the lengthy run (or permit you to skip a section).


There room a lot of of small and narrow platforms within the dungeon and Noctis deserve to be a little erratic v his movements at times. Holding Square/X while jumping will make certain that Noctis lands in place, without any kind of extra movement. Friend can likewise let walk of the control stick as quickly as friend land.

As you take it the elevator down, you should see 2 items ~ above a ledge you pass, so if friend don’t grab castle on the method down, take it the elevator ago up come grab them ( Rusted Bit and also 2 Elixirs ). Fall down and also look at wherein the elevator to be (if it’s up in ~ the top) to discover a hole. Follow this course down and also around, jumping end the gaps and also onto the ledges follow me the wall, until you pertained to an item, i m sorry is 4 Oracle Ascension Coins . You deserve to either jump down right into the pit to respawn or jump to one of the lower areas from where you acquired the coins.

There are a couple of things that have to be said before delving any further into the dungeon. Very first and foremost, friend cannot conserve at every while inside, for this reason if you wish to perform so, you’ll have actually to leave the dungeon. Girlfriend may have actually seen a red obstacle inside, which room basically shortcuts; you unlock lock by ruining statues you come across, something friend will view shortly. Next, you cannot actually die while traversing the dungeon, as any kind of time you loss into the countless pit or fight a spike, girlfriend will just respawn earlier at a checkpoint.


Using the understanding that you will respawn at a checkpoint, the is feasible to exploit this by dying in details spots to respawn at a later checkpoint in the dungeon, i beg your pardon is something some of the speedrun videos carry out to skip some sections.

Now the you room in the first main room the Pitioss, there room a the majority of things to take it in. Friend will have a huge iron ball in between two ramps, a large door opposite that, a huge statue and some large moving blocks. Go in the direction of the large cage and grab the one item you can gain from this next ( Rusted Bit ), then grab the following item ( 5 Potions ) in the route of the very first moving block. When the moving block recedes, girlfriend will check out a path, so take it it past the first block and wait because that the second one to acquire past the one, too. Follow this path, jumping end the pits and also go up the ramp to discover your first official shortcut.


The statues serve as shortcuts throughout the dungeon (left). Among the key draws of Pitioss is the it has a the majority of Oracle Ascension Coins (right).

Whack the frosting a couple of times with any weapon until it disappears, then walk up the ramp it opens up up, grabbing the Rusted Bit follow me the way. Proceed up the next ramp and also before reaching the top, there is a beam sticking the end from the ledge to the west that has 10 metal Scraps . Go back to the top to uncover some much more barriers that you can’t open right now, so overlook them and jump across the space to an additional barrier. Snatch the Rusted Bit here and also look in ~ the article you deserve to see ~ above the small ledge follow me the bent-up cage. You deserve to jump ~ above this very narrow ledge and grab the item, i beg your pardon is a Metal Scrap .

You should likewise take notice of the white switch on the incline nearby, yet don’t worry about it simply yet (it will certainly come into play shortly). Now, the next component is a bit tough to describe, but there is another narrow ledge around the corner, therefore hug the cage if jumping to land on it. Indigenous here, you deserve to leap come the opening just next to it come grab another item, 6 Potions . Look come the north to spot an additional ledge sticking the end from the wall, and also a really narrow beam past it. This jump is certainly tricky to land and the item from the beam is 7 Mega-Potions .

Drop down from where you obtained the Mega-Potions onto one more beam below and also from there, you have the right to jump on height of the cage. Fight the switch over there to advanced the cage, bringing friend to another of the frosting shortcuts. Run back throughout the gaps and slide under the incline with the white switch, then perform so again through the next one come hit the orange switch. This causes the one iron sphere to come loose, wherein it will hit the wall near the statue that was under the cage. Seize the items wherein the cage to get 3 Garnet Bracelets , 4 Elixirs , 5 stole Shavings , and a Blood Sword .

Where the iron ball was situated is currently a passage you deserve to use to discover some stair ( 3 bronze Bangles native the item follow me the way). Friend will currently be at a spot where you deserve to be on top of the relocating walls indigenous earlier, so go to the end and also jump ~ above the ledge come grab one more Elixir . On the platform in in between the two relocating walls is a course leading right into the next room. Girlfriend are currently in another large room, which will certainly be visited afterwards again. Start off by walking east, throughout the moving wall, to find things around the edge ( Rare Coin ). There’s another item ( Rusted Bit ) just around the corner, ~ above a ledge.

Drop under to the stairs and at the bottom, jump over to wherein the moving wall is to find 3 Potpourri accessories. Save going in the very same direction, stopping just past the second moving wall to prevent being swept into the abyss, climate squeeze v the opened you spot roughly the corner, near where the moving wall surface stops receding. There will be a Soldier’s Anklet simply at the bottom the the ramp, and also a white move you deserve to hit on a platform at the end of the this small path. Doing that will certainly activate one more switch you might have seen near some stairs ~ above the opposite side of the room. Head on end there and also step on that to make the door near it open, where you can uncover a chest v some items inside ( 5 Ethers ).

Now, go back to the entrance of this room and also go east this time, pass underneath some spike traps and also stop in ~ the edge. Jump on the statue listed below you, climate onto the stole ball and also jump one critical time come hit the orange switch on the wall. This will certainly make a huge ball knock down a statue’s head on the opposite next of the room, enabling you to development further. Go past the head and also up the stairs, jumping onto the exact same head, i m sorry will allow you to with the items on the really tiny ledge that the one obelisk ( 4 Oracle Ascension Coins ). Return to where girlfriend jumped ~ above the head, navigate the arm and hit the switch to release another giant iron ball to knock down a door, leading deeper into the dungeon.

Rotating Wheel Room¶

That was a pretty warmup and also it’s time come delve into the heart of the dungeon now, as confirmed that the dungeon’s name just finally popped increase on the screen. Just past whereby the iron ball smashed under a door room two shortcuts girlfriend can’t reach from this side, so ignore them and also hop your way across the chasm. Once you reach the rotating spike column thing, friend will desire to run to the left next of it. Stop when you pertained to the iron ball and look to the phibìc on either next of the “hallway” created by the metal beams. There room two ledges you have the right to reach through jumping from the bent yellowish floor here, which will net girlfriend an Elixir and a Glass Gemstone .

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Head past the stole ball and also use the beams sticking out from the floor to with the white switch, which as soon as hit will make the yellowish contraption in the room start to spin. There space a many items to get in this room, many of i m sorry will call for you to obtain to the peak of the room. Because that now, jump down into a pit and also get top top the western next of the room, where you have the right to see the rotating spike trap and the huge giant round spinning. If girlfriend look closely at the openings as they pass, you will an alert there are two notches on either next that will certainly be provided to get on peak of the turn contraption. However, the one item girlfriend can get right currently is on a ledge right behind the spinning spike trap, so jump on the trap and also then come the ledge to obtain 3 Hi-Elixirs .