The tool

develop a cause and launch a campaign in which the brand is presenting the cause and also supplying the initial communication for people to engage with the cause and participate in it.

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Through the exposure come the cause, the brand idea is reinforced, together with the awareness and sympathy to the brand.

What is a cause?

A cause can be any idea or goal with a usual objective i beg your pardon leads world for activity in order to adjust or to achieve it.

Why a Cause?

Because world have an emotionally or a practical interest in the cause.Because the cause may issue to people much more than the brand (people are periodically sceptical of and also suspicious towards brands).


back the main emphasis is top top the Cause and also not on the brand, at the finish of the day, the sympathy and also awareness of the cause is reflected ago onto the brand.

Step by step


Define the brand idea/value/message/ you great to convey.


Identify beliefs, behaviors, barriers, emotions, unfulfilled desires, complaints etc., the are regarded the brand idea/ message.


Based on any of these Insights, think what kind of cause you have the right to create, and how it may strengthen the brand idea/ values.


Construct a campaign, which will certainly be as involving and also as engaging together possible.

The 3 sport for developing a cause:

1. Develop a movement:

People room invited come participate and also to achieve together a usual objective. Reminder for developing a movement:List the problems people have in their life and also which may have actually some relationship to the category. Think exactly how the brand might take advantage of this, by producing a movement, or arguing a cause about which human being may project or express their support, hence helping lock to address the problem.

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2. A common reason with individual expression:

The reason is common for many, yet each person may express that differently and individually, and also may attend to it to different individual/s in various ways.Tip for creating a common reason with individual expression:Sometimes, depending upon the understanding you have, that is amazing to consider creating a reason which is relevant and common because that many, yet each human may refer it in different way and address his/her expression to different individual/s in different ways.